Gilda and Pearl – silk pyjamas for vintage vixens!


“Movie star, oh movie star!” If I could get away with wearing silk pyjamas worthy of my 1930s and 40s film heroines (think Veronica Lake, Joan Crawford or Rita Hayworth) as daywear, I certainly would have no reservations in doing just that! After all, Coco Chanel herself was a huge fan of such attire and was often seen wearing her PJs outside her boudoir. And then of course there’s silk. Can you think of another fabric that feels more luxurious caressing your skin than silk? Perhaps for many, the combination of silk and pyjamas may seem a luxury but for me, they’re simply a necessity. As the right outfit, says the left half of my brain to its counterpart on the other side; “silk pyjamas clearly help my creative juices to flow!” And… As I spend a lot of time writing, researching and editing, most of it being done from the comfort of my antique French bed, this demands nothing less than unequivocal fully-featured… Cinemascope glamour!!! Deep breathe. Focus.

Gilda and Pearl, the ‘old Hollywood’ inspired lingerie brand, which was started by Diane Houston in 2008, was named for one of the most famous onscreen femme fatales Gilda, played by Rita Hayworth in the 1946 film of the same name and pearl, fittingly synonymous with all that is precious. “Gina”, my brand, spanking-new (don’t get any ideas) silk pyjamas by Gilda and Pearl are what a vintage vixen’s dreams are made of, the real cat’s meow and definitely a luxury that any aspiring silver screen glamour queen should never be separated from. The immaculate attention to details in it and in every one of their beautiful designs, as well as the use of luxurious fabrics such as silk and French lace, applied using traditional appliqué techniques, make the brand synonymous with quintessential British luxury. Even more so because every piece is individually made in London at their atelier. Now, how many lingerie brands can make that claim?


Moi with my four legged child Isia-Lilith on the infamous French bed photographed by Gregory Michael King.

vintage fashion

Vintage pyjama

*These pictures are for reference only and are the copyright of respective owners! From the top left movie stars: Billie Dove, Carole Lombard, Ginger Rogers and Joan Crawford (photographed by Ruth Harriett Louise ) in beautiful Pyjamas.

Gilda and Pearl silk Pyjama

“Gilda and Pearl” Moi photographed by Gregory Michael King in my new “Gina”silk and gold lace pyjamas and French Sole slippers.

Gilda and Pearl

“Gina”, my favourite luxurious silk with gold lace pyjama bottom by Gilda and Pearl.

Gilda and Pearl

The matching “Gina” camisole made of silk satin with gold lace is an utter perfection!


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