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Old Hollywood Inspired Lingerie From Layneau


Old Hollywood inspired lingerie from Layneau is the perfect boudoir wear to channel your inner Rita Hayworth or Jean Harlow. The latest collection called Millefeuille is made of sumptuous silk and lace in very elegant colours, that will never go out of style. Delicious chocolate brown, rich pistachio adorned with gold and the lightest pearl pink are making it difficult to choose only one piece. The lingerie is like a box of macaroons and once you have one, you will yearn for more!

Millefeuille: thousand leaf. Originally referring to the floral backgrounds of tapestries.

Applied to a pastry composed of many layers of contrasting elements.

The perfect metaphor for a woman.

Each piece is hand sewn using the finest silks and laces in our Atelier using haute couture technique. We blend Old Hollywood glamour with modern athleasure to create a unique aesthetic. Created for a woman to inhabit. Where you wear it is up to you.

Orchard corset under vintage clothes


Orchard corset under vintage clothes! In the picture taken by Gregory Michael King I'm wearing a 1950s dress with the CS-201 Orchard Corset underneath. I’ve recently started my waist-training with the CS-201 corset, which was gifted to me by Orchard Corset, ...