French Sole – the perfect velvet slippers!


French Sole-the perfect velvet slippers!

I’ve never thought it possible for me to say with conviction that slippers would be worth kicking off my high heels for. That was until I tried the most beautiful, luxurious and to my surprise, very comfortable velvet slippers given to me by French Sole, the iconic Hefner model with Queen Bee embroidery that I believe even Joan Crawford would approve of! That said and to tone down my zealous enthusiasm just a tad, don’t get me wrong, I would never abandon my Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo 4” pumps but I will gladly give them and my feet, a well-deserved rest by not having to worry that the new discovery will somehow fail to go with my vintage ensemble. Truth be told, this is the crux or crucible of my blog, the mixing of vintage with a modern twist and regardless of the style or era of my chosen outfit, be it a 1930s silk gown, a 1940s skirt suit or a contemporary couture piece, those velvet beauties will go with everything I have in my wardrobe! No surprise there, when you discover that my precious (the velvet beauties) were actually inspired by 19th Century Gentleman’s Opera shoes and… Have I ever mentioned that I’m a big fan of that particular period of time? And if your answer to that is ‘no’ then I think you need to explore my blog in more detail darling.

It’s easy to end up with what I now consider to be the perfect velvet slippers in abundance as they come in so many different colours and embroidery motifs, I can’t take my eyes of the new addition to the French Sole collection, Hefner style with Dragonfly embroidery which would go so well with a 1930s brooch with a similar motif, but fabulous design aside, let’s talk about comfort first.

For some years now I’ve been very reluctant to give flats or very low-heeled shoes a chance because the ones that I did try, in what feels now like a distant but painful memory, caused me a lot of pain and discomfort. That’s definitely not the case with the French Sole slippers as they give my feet a lot of support and desperately needed comfort, especially around the ball of the foot, which has always been for me the main point of excruciating pain. Don’t simply take my word for it though because as it’s the case with every pair of new shoes it’s best to try them on first and decide for yourself if they are as good for your feet as they are for mine, let’s not forget that what’s suitable for one person might not necessarily be right for another. My tired and slightly damaged from taking ballet lessons feet are very grateful for my newest French Sole obsession and what will surely soon turn into a growing collection of velvet slippers. What can I say, except that I can resist everything but velvet (and a few other luxuries). It’s simply beyond my control.


French Sole

Hefner velvet slippers with Queen Bee embroidery.


In the photographs taken by Gregory Michael King, I’m wearing a  Couture top and headpiece by Veroni Deco (you can read about the couturier extraordinaire here), 1940s skirt and French Sole Queen Bee velvet slippers.
French Sole slippers

Moi in Couture top and headpiece by Veroni Deco, 1940s skirt and my beloved Queen Bee French Sole slippers.

French Sole slippers

Moi in Couture top by Veroni Deco, 1940s skirt and my beloved Queen Bee French Sole slippers.

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French Sole

On my shopping list, French Sole velvet slippers with Dragonfly embroidery.

French Sole velvet slippers

Hefner velvet slippers with butterfly embroidery.

French Sole

Hefner velvet slippers with floral embroidery.

French Sole

Hefner leopard slippers with flower embroidery.



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    December 10, 2017

    The slippers look so beautiful and comfortable I definitely need a pair. Great post!


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