French Sole – the Perfect Velvet Slippers!

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I’ve never thought it possible for me to say with conviction that slippers would be worth kicking off my high heels for.

That was until I tried the most beautiful, luxurious and to my surprise, very comfortable velvet slippers gifted to me by French Sole.

French Sole-The Perfect Velvet Slippers!

The iconic Hefner model with Queen Bee embroidery that I believe even Joan Crawford would approve of!

That said, and to tone down my zealous enthusiasm just a tad, don’t get me wrong, I would never abandon my Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo 4” pumps.

I will, however, gladly give them and my feet, a well-deserved rest by not having to worry that the new discovery will somehow fail to go with my vintage ensemble.

Truth be told, this is the crux or crucible of my blog, the mixing of vintage with something contemporary. and regardless of the style or era of my chosen outfit, be it a 1930s silk gown, a 1940s skirt suit or a contemporary couture piece, those velvet beauties go with everything in my wardrobe!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed here are mine!

Here is how I paired my 1940s DuBarry dress with a pair of sumptuous French Sole Velvet Slippers.

French Sole Slippers
1940s DuBarry dress, vintage fashion blogger

French Sole velvet slippers

No surprise there, when you discover that the new to me slippers were inspired by 19th Century Gentleman’s Opera shoes and… Have I ever mentioned that I’m a big fan of that particular period of time?

And if your answer to that is ‘no’ then I think you need to explore my blog in more detail.

Are French Sole Slippers Comfortable?

It’s easy to end up with what I now consider to be the perfect velvet slippers in abundance. As of 2022, I have over 16 pairs.

1940s shirt dress

Vintage Styling

French Sole slippers go perfectly with true vintage and contemporary outfits.

  • 1940s dress, purse and belt
  • Edwardian style hat from Birds & Fresia
  • Love Heart Slippers

They come in so many different colours and embroidery motifs, but fabulous design aside, let’s talk about comfort first.

For some years now I’ve been very reluctant to give flats or very low-heeled shoes a chance because the ones that I did try, in what feels now like a distant but painful memory, caused me a lot of pain and discomfort.

That’s definitely not the case with the French Sole slippers as they give my feet a lot of support and desperately needed comfort, especially around the ball of the foot, which has always been for me the main point of excruciating pain.

Don’t simply take my word for it though because as it’s the case with every pair of new shoes it’s best to try them on first and decide for yourself if they are as good for your feet as they are for mine, let’s not forget that what’s suitable for one person might not necessarily be right for another.

My tired and slightly damaged from taking ballet lessons feet are very grateful for my newest French Sole obsession and what will surely soon turn into a growing collection of velvet slippers. What can I say, except that I can resist everything but velvet and a few other luxuries. It’s simply beyond my control.

The Queen Bee French Sole Slippers

In the photographs taken by Gregory Michael King, I’m wearing a  Couture top and headpiece by Veroni Deco, a 1940s skirt and the French Sole Queen Bee velvet slippers.

French Sole slippers

Moi in Couture top and headpiece by Veroni Deco, 1940s skirt and my beloved Queen Bee French Sole slippers.

French Sole Campaign Shot by Gregory Michael King & Styled by Me

French Sole London velvet slippers
French Sole velvet slippers. Photography by Gregory Michael King.
French Sole London velvet slippers
velvet slippers with embroidery
The Perfect Velvet Slippers. Photography by Gregory Michael King.

Why You Will Want to Kick off Your Heels for French Sole

Bragging portion of the post!

•I’m VERY proud of my incredible husband, Gregory Michael King for creating this extraordinary AW19 image campaign for French Sole.

French Sole AW19 collection is the perfect reason to swap your heels for flats! Not an easy statement for me to make as there was a time when I would only wear 5″ heels. Times have changed, however, and I can’t imagine my shoe closet without flats.

I’ve been a fan of the brand for years now and often pair their Hefner slippers and ballet flats with my 1930s dresses and 1940s skirt suits. They are also my go-to shoes for long walks with the dog, and I always take them with me when I travel abroad. Style and comfort are the key factors when I choose my footwear, and thankfully French Sole caters for both!

To say that I have a weakness for velvet shoes embellished with embroidery would be an understatement. I love them, as much as a person can love an object. I’ve never really considered myself a shoe girl and definitely not one who would wear flats.

It all changed when I put on my very first pair of Hefner slippers with the Queen Bee embroidery. It was love at the very first shoe-sight.

Every season I say that French Sole will not be able to come up with a better design than what they have in the current one, and so far, every new season they proved me wrong! 

The New French Sole Campaign by Gregory Michael King

It’s all thanks to the creative genius of Veroni Deco, designer and stylist extraordinaire whose imagination has no limits.

With my brilliant husband, Gregory Michael King, behind the lens, the French Sole AW19 collection is here, and of course, there is a pair of beautiful slippers my feet are yearning for! Can you guess which ones? 

French Sole AW campaign Gregory Michael King

With my brilliant husband, Gregory Michael King, behind the lens, the French Sole AW19 collection is here, and of course, there is a pair of beautiful slippers my feet are yearning for! Can you guess which ones? 


Stunning photography by Gregory Michael King. Styling by the one and only Veroni Dco.

French Sole Amelie gold glitter.

French Sole campaign shot by Gregory Michael King

In love with the red slippers with Love-Doves embroidery.

Do You Prefer Flats or Heels?

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  • Rose
    December 10, 2017

    The slippers look so beautiful and comfortable I definitely need a pair. Great post!