Parlez-vous Aubade?

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Parlez-vous Aubade? The Language of Seduction

Parlez-vous Aubade

Brevity is the soul of lingerie.

Dorothy Parker

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post on behalf of Aubade. All opinions expressed here are mine!

Do you speak Aubade?

If not, perhaps it’s time that you did, as it is the language of sensuality, a seduction of the skin, which has been whispered by this most prestigious of Parisian luxury lingerie brands for several years.

I’m officially in love with their femme fatale Entrevue Secrète and Cuir de Rose lines, their vintage vixen Wilde Audacity, as well as their coquettish Jardin des Délices and Boîte à Désir creations. Such a variety of wonders makes the perfect match to the many personalities who play within me (I am a Gemini woman after all!).

Curious about how Aubade seemed to know my many alter egos, I did a little research and discovered a fascinating history of playful dialogue in their campaigns, which begins with their name.

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Aubade-The French ‘Art of Loving’

For those not familiar, an Aubade is a song of love similar to a serenade and which, as Aubade would say, they see themselves as being “inspired by courtly love” as well as “the game of seduction”.

This playfulness was made most apparent in the 1990s with their posters (which are now becoming quite collectable!) And which taught us the French “art of loving” as well as offering lessons in seduction.

This innovative approach, which was pioneering in establishing lingerie as a fashion accessory, has been copied by many since. However, it was not the first time that Aubade stood at the forefront of lingerie.

Aubade and its Many Contributions to Lingerie

Aubade was the first lingerie brand to make matching coloured bras and underwear, the first to introduce strapless bras, halter bras, “l’agrafe-coeur” a bra that hooks at the front and in the 1980s, they imagined the most mini creation of them all, the dance-inspired Tanga! Which was copied across the world as the G-string.

Though their list of firsts is impressive, it’s their dedication to craftsmanship, which gains my admiration most. Calais lace-makers and Swiss embroiderers have contributed to Aubade’s creations and helped to make them feel comfortable and a great fit!

And since I’m far from opposed to allowing my hedonistic tendencies their freedom, my collaboration with Aubade is a dream come true, as I truly believe, to quote Miss Fisher “Lingerie is the way to a woman’s heart” and that it’s what is underneath which counts most; the way that wearing a luxurious satin slip or even something as small as lace panties can make me feel.

Well, it’s priceless and wanting to share this experience with my significant other (as well as in this instance you, my readers), what can you possibly expect me to say except… It’s beyond my control!

My Favourite Aubade Pieces-Lesson in Seduction

“Through the keyhole”

Hair, make-up and styling by yours truly. Photography, by the king of image campaigns Gregory Michael King.

Parlez-vous Aubade lingerie

Lesson in Seduction

“The Femme Fatale Lingerie”

I’m wearing the Aubade Magnets set consisting of a bra, briefs and garters from the BOÎTE À DÉSIR line, which I’m officially obsessed with!

Everything goes brilliantly on and off with magnets. I paired the seductive lingerie with a tuxedo designed by Ewa Godun, 1930s ear clips, that I used as a brooch, a vintage hat from Lock & Co Hatters and Jimmy Choo pumps.

Parlez-vous Aubade?
Aubade lingerie. Photography by Gregory Michael King

“The Coquette” Lingerie

In this picture, I’m wearing the Aubade luxurious silk-satin nightie with jacquard lace trim in Envie colour. It’s from the CREPUSCULE SATINE line and will be in the shops on December 17th! RRP GBP142.

I paired this beauty with the vintage ring, a vintage purse by GLOMESH and vintage-inspired shoes.

Parlez-vous Aubade?
Parlez-vous Aubade? Best Aubade lingerie pieces.

“The Vintage Vixen” Lingerie

I don’t play favourites with my lingerie but this sensual Babydoll nightie in sheer Jacquard lace from the BOÎTE À DÉSIR collection is definitely on top of my list.

I paired this beauty with a 1950s necklace and matching ear clips, a vintage fan and Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. Photography: Gregory Michael King

Parlez-vous Aubade?
Parlez-vous Aubade?

“The Vintage Vixen” Lingerie

I paired the Aubade waist cincher with removable suspenders from the BOÎTE À DÉSIR collection with Aubade Italian briefs.

As you can see in the picture below, I’m wearing this beautiful piece of lingerie below the waist, but that’s the beauty of Aubade, you can wear it the way you like it!

Parlez-vous Aubade?
Parlez-vous Aubade?

Shop My Favourite Aubade Pieces

If  I haven’t inspired you enough with my photo shoot, then perhaps a few teasers from Aubade SS18 Lookbook will do the job!

Parlez-vous Aubade?
Parlez-vous Aubade?
Parlez-vous Aubade?
Parlez-vous Aubade?

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