Welcome to my vintage fashion blog with a slightly modern twist!

My name is Dominique de Merteuil. I’m a vintage fashion blogger and founder of itsbeyondmycontrol.com, the vintage fashion blog for a decadent woman who loves elegant vintage style and Old Hollywood glamour and has a penchant for quality.

I like to write as though I’m having a conversation with women who equally share my passion for fashion from the 1930s and 1940s, as well as those who are only starting their adventure with vintage. As a daily wearer of vintage clothing, I provide practical styling tips on integrating items that are over 60 years old into a modern wardrobe. And for those who love fashion history, I share over 20 years of expertise in British, American, and French fashion popular in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.

FAQ -Vintage Fashion Blogger

Do you wear vintage clothes daily or is it just for pictures?

Yes, I wear vintage every day. Most of my clothes, about 98%, are from 1930, the 1940s and the early 1950s. As of 2023, I have only nine pieces that are not vintage, like the Ted Baker jacket in the picture, that I paired with a 1950s skirt and an antique lace.

vintage fashion blogger

How many people work on your vintage blog?

I’m a one-vintage-woman operation. I do the research, the writing, the editing, the photo-shoot planning and even the boring technical web-related stuff.
The only other ” team” member of It’s Beyond My Control is my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Isia-Lilith who doesn’t do much, but demands a lot!vintage fashion blogger Dominique de Merteuil.

Can anyone wear vintage clothes?

Yes! It doesn’t matter how old or young you are and how much money you have to spend on clothes. Vintage fashion is for everyone who has an open mind and a lot of patience in finding the right pieces. Also, you can make a vintage outfit look very contemporary if you pair it with the right accessories.vintage fashion blog

Are you a fashion historian?

No, but I’ve been researching, collecting, wearing and writing about vintage fashion for over two decades now. As a passionate self-taught fashion historian, I pride myself on being extremely diligent in doing extensive research before putting pen to paper.

I have a propensity for studying the history of fashion, leaving no stone unturned until I get all the facts. Believe it or not, I have a few museum curators and textile conservators on my speed dial.

On the left, is a picture of me at the Department of Textile Conservation at the National Museum in Warsaw. In the picture on the right, a beautiful example of a dress from the 18th Century I got to study up close.
vintage fashion blogger.

Who takes all those incredible pictures of you?

I’m very fortunate to be married to the renowned beauty and fashion photographer, Gregory Michael King. He takes all the pictures of me and I take all the still-life photographs of products. I also create the stop-motion product photography you find on my website.
Vintage fashion blog. 1950s outfit ideas.

Is Dominique de Merteuil your real name?

No, “de Merteuil” is a nom de plum I’ve been using for over 20 years. What can I tell you except that it’s beyond my control.
Dangerous Liaisons

It’s Beyond My Control-Vintage Fashion Blog

The It’s Beyond My Control blog (itsbeyondmycontrol.com) is for everyone who loves to learn about;

  1. History of fashions popular in the 1930s through the 195os, and occasionally beyond,
  2. How to date and take care of vintage clothing like a pro,
  3. Ideas on how to pair vintage garments with contemporary brands.

And speaking of learning, if you happen to be a fan of the British Utility Clothing Scheme, I’m the biggest collector, as far as I know, of CC41 clothing in the EU, so you are up for a treat. Since I got your attention, read my in-depth article about the history of CC41!

CC41 Deborah Kerr
Deborah Kerr modelling a CC41 dress.

My Credo

Life is too short to wear ordinary clothes, even in bed!

Dominique de Mertuil

In the picture taken by Gregory Michael King, I’m wearing an original 1940s CC41 nightgown paired with a faux fur capelet from Helen Moore.

vintage fashion blogger Dominique de Merteuil

Style Over Fashion-The Vintage Way

I believe that It’s more important to find and refine one’s style, rather than obsess over the latest trends, and that’s what I focus on in my articles.

how to add gothic glamour to your style.

If I was to describe my style in a sentence it would be, Joan Crawford meets Marlene Dietrich for a glass of wine with Morticia Addams.

Vintage Fashion Blogger Dominique de Merteuil. Photography, by Gregory Michael King AKA Mr de Merteuil.

9 Things About Dominique de Merteuil – The Vintage Fashion Blogger

1. The one thing that can definitely be said about me is that I’m an aficionado and collector/wearer of vintage fashion from the 1930s and 1940s.

Original dress from Mommie Dearest movie

I also have a penchant for procuring costumes from my favourite films, which I buy from auction houses when the budget permits. * sigh *

This stunning dress is one of my most treasured pieces. It was designed by Irene Sharaff and worn by Faye Dunaway in the Mommie Dearest movie.

2. My fabulous mum, a real style icon, initiated my interest in fashion and art. She used to take me to see ballet and opera from when I was 5 years old.

3. I’ve lived in 4 different countries and I’m fluent in 3 languages. When asked where I’m from, I always reply, “from everywhere darling!”. And even though I reside in London*, which has grown on me over the years, my heart belongs to NYC because it’s the only place where I can wear couture to breakfast without being pointed at.

*I currently divide my time between London and Warsaw. I’m utterly in love with the capital of Poland! If you are curious about the reasons why I share my time between the two countries read about it in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – essentials for your new puppy article!

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Dominique de Merteuil

4. I studied classical ballet for a few years but my teacher had me marked as trouble from the day she caught me warming up to Megadeth. Yes, I listen to Metal and Gothic Music.

*As of  2017 I’m back to taking classical ballet lessons, or as I call it “70 min of humiliation”, and I LOVE it!

5. I love everything related to 18th-century France!

6. The works of Woody Allen (especially his writing) and David Lynch have had an incredible impact on me and it would be an absolute dream come true if I had a chance to interview them both!

7. I love dogs, especially two breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and American Pit Bull Terrier. I wish that people were much more educated about Pit Bull Terriers, after all, there are no bad dogs, it’s just that sometimes good dogs happen to bad people!

8. Horse riding is my biggest indulgence in life. If I could, I would be at the stables every single day. Every time I ride, I learn something new, and it’s incredibly gratifying.

9. Number 9 is magical and it’s my birth number.

Dominique de Merteuil & Brand Collaborations

Contemporary brands I had the pleasure of collaborating with on many vintage projects.

Dominique de Merteuil vintage fashion blogger

Dominique de Merteuil

Helen Moore England

I had the pleasure and honour of collaborating with my favourite faux fur brand, Helen Moore on many projects over the years.

You can read my latest interview on the brand’s Helen Moore’s official website.

vintage fashion influencer
Vintage fashion blogger Dominique de Merteuil & Oliver Goldsmith brand collaboration.

Faux Fur, Jewellery, Books & Corsets

  • Helen Moore England
  • Poporcelain
  • DC Thompson Publishing
  • Orchard Corset

vintage fashion blogger Dominique de Merteuil

Vintage fashion blog. Dominique de Merteuil vintage fashion blogger.

Lingerie, Hosiery & Shoes

  • French Sole
  • Gilda & Pearl
  • Aubade
  • Wolford


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Stylised Product Photography

Last but not least, I’m a creative content producer, stop motion artist and I create stylised product images for my blog, along with social media of beauty, fashion and accessory brands. For more information and booking take a look at my Services page.

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