The Perfect Weekend in Krakow!

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The Perfect Weekend in Krakow!

Monday, October 26, 2020

The Perfect Weekend in Krakow!

vintage photograph from Krakow

The LUELUE Gallery.


If you are travelling from Warsaw to Krakow, the best, quickest and most comfortable way is to take the EIP (Express IntreCity Premium) from Dworzec Warszawa Centralna ( Warsaw Central railway station). The journey takes 2h 21 minutes. The first-class tickets are between £20-£50 each way depending on how far in advance you book. Seats are very comfortable, lots of leg space, and you can fit medium size luggage on the overhead racks. There is also a separate space for large suitcases near the main door, so don’t panic. Small meal and beverage such as water, tea or coffee are included in the price of the ticket. One thing to note is that you MUST have an allocated seat while travelling by EIP or any other train during the Pandemic. You can purchase tickets via the website, and it’s a very straightforward process.

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