Vintage hair snood


yVintage hair snood is not only a real lifesaver keeping the curls in place when the weather is not vintage-hair friendly, but it also looks spectacular giving a finishing touch to any vintage ensemble!

In the pictures taken by Gregory Michael King, I’m wearing a 1950s dress (read my article about how to date vintage clothing!) paired with a 1950s bag, porcelain necklace from POPORCELAIN, my favourite Megumi-O- sunglasses and my new obsession, the 1950s hair snood adorned with a velvet bow, bought from Shazam Hair Flowers on Etsy.

vintage hair snood

vintage hair snood

Dominique de Merteuil photographed by Gregory Michael King.

vintage hair snood

Detail of my vintage hair snood adorned with a velvet bow.

vintage hair snood 1950s fashion

vintage hair snood



“Period: 20th century onwards. In much earlier usage, a ribbon or hair-band, but now generally associated with the fine cord or mesh net retaining a chignon or other styles of rolled-up hair. Worn outdoors with or without a hat. Also made of fabric and attached to a hat.” The Dictionary Of Fashion History: Valerie Cumming, C. W. Cunnington and P. E. Cunnington

Snoods were very popular in the 1940s, they helped to keep the hair neat, away from the face, made it a very practical accessory at work in particular for women who worked in war industry factories and could have easily got their hair tangled and caught in machinery. The most popular snoods were knit or crocheted, pretty much out of any material and in a variety of colours, quite often the same as the dress.

Beautiful examples of snood by Lilly Dache, found in an advertisement of 1944. The picture below from one of my favourite films of all times, The Women, 1939.

The Dorche Net 1940s

The Dorche Net 1940s


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