Porcelain jewellery by POPORCELAIN


Porcelain jewellery by POPORCELAIN


Beautiful porcelain cameo earrings and pendant by POPORCELAIN.


What are vintage girls dreams made of? That’s a question capable of opening a potential Pandora’s Box of answers, as all vintage girls are surely made different, we pride ourselves on our individuality and yet we covet so many of the same things. Now don’t play coy, I think you all know what I mean ladies, in a word it’s called ‘Etsy’. Aside from the good fight, when I’m not favouriting items on Etsy, I can often be found going full Magpie, scavenging through antique markets in search of yet another piece to add to my growing collection. Accessories are always top of the list and at the top of that list would be antique cameo brooches which apart from their beauty, hold a dark secret in that their origins can be traced, according to the famed English Egyptologist and Orientalist Sir Wallis Budge, to a talisman on which ancient spells were carved.

Another trinket passion of mine is for lockets; I just love opening them to reveal the secrets that they hide. So imagine my excitement when I found a contemporary jewellery designer who shares a similar passion, who in one instance, mixes porcelain cameos with lockets within a single beautiful piece of jewellery, while in another, creates cameo earrings, in particular, their ‘Dark Romance Goddess’ collection, which are so alluring, that I’m seriously contemplating getting my extremely sensitive ears pierced, just to be able to wear them.

POPORCELAIN is the name of the brand of handcrafted jewellery, which has been created by Kay Jiaqi Zhou in Copenhagen, Denmark, and as she states, “Every piece is unique in shape and no two are exactly the same”. This I think is especially true of the piece that I knew of hers that I fell in love with. This was the Porcelain Floral Lockets Statement Necklace and is what every vintage girls dreams are made of. Five lockets, adorned with porcelain roses, which are perfect for keeping whatever the heart desires, pictures of loved ones or in my case a picture of a painting of my beloved Queen Marie Antoinette.

The unique design is the main reason why I was immediately drawn to the brand but what I love most about it is that everything in their collection goes perfectly with my vintage and couture ensembles. For today’s not so casual look inspired by Marie Antoinette and pink macaroons I opted for Couture gown by Veroni Deco, that I adorned with my new statement necklace, a beautiful gift from POPORCELAIN.


poporcelain statment necklace

Floral Lockets Statement Necklace

Poporcelain statment necklace

In the picture I’m wearing couture dress by Veroni Deco, Floral Lockets Statement Necklace by POPORCELAIN. Photography Gregory Michael King.

Floral Lockets Statement Necklace

Floral Lockets Statement Necklace

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