Travel beauty essentials!


Travel beauty essentials!

Travelling is a big part of my job as a Fashion Editor/Blogger and as glamorous as that may sound, it really isn’t. I spend more time in the departure lounges of boring airports and on the plane getting from point A to point B than in the actual city that I’m visiting for the purpose of having material to write about. In order to speed this process up I endeavour to only transit with carry-on luggage. However, I’ve never been particularly good at packing (practical things that is) but over the years, I’ve mastered it to some degree, or so I’d like to believe. You can read all about my downsizing here in The Art Of Packing.

Clothing compromising is one thing but choosing the utmost important travel beauty essentials is another. Beauty junkies like myself will surely understand my quandaries when it comes to sticking to the bare minimum of beauty and make-up kit that will suffice a two day trip to Paris where glamour and a perfectly manicured look is everything. I’ve been narrowing the list more and more though and I’m now proud to say that I managed to limit myself to the magical number nine of the nine magical products and here they are.

YSL Opium

1) Coco Chanel once said; “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” I couldn’t agree with her more and that’s why perfume is the first on my travel beauty essentials list. Opium by YSL is literally my opium and I don’t leave the house without it!

Batiste Dry Shampoo


2) Batiste dry shampoo, the instant hair refresh is a real hair-saver when you simply can’t wash your hair either because of the lack of time or the space in your luggage for a hair shampoo and conditioner.

3) Feather & Bone exfoliator which was sent to me a while ago to try and test is one of the most brilliant new face products if you travel a lot because the tiny tablet works as a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser all in one. It’s made of natural ingredients, my favourite sandalwood being one of them. The instruction calls for adding a tiny bit of water, which will turn the tablet into a paste, massaging onto face and washing off but I like to leave it for 15-20 minutes on my face before rinsing off, which makes the skin on my face feel incredibly tight as if I had a facelift!



4) Shiseido Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam I simply can’t imagine my morning routine without and you can read more about it in the article I’ve written about  Top 10 Shiseido products

5) Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is a little miracle worker, that I normally apply before a moisturiser but it’s absolutely perfect on it’s own when I travel and taking both is not an option.

6) Sisley Comfort Extreme Levres is the one lip balm that never leaves my sight. I use it all year around and can’t think of a better one that can be used on dry lips before applying a lipstick.

travel beauty essentials

7) Red lipstick either by YSL or Chanel is an absolute must have for me. You can analyse me as much as you like but I feel naked without my lips being painted red.

8) Sisley So Intense mascara in deep black creates very full and long lashes.

chanel nail-polish

8) Chanel nail-polish Pirate 08 goes well with any of the red lipsticks I use and let’s face it, beautiful manicure and pedicure completes the immaculate look.

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