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French Sole AW19-Why you will want to kick off your heels!


French Sole AW19 collection is the perfect reason to kick off your high -heels and swap for flats! Not an easy statement for me to make as there was a time when I would only wear 5″ heels. Times have changed, however, and I can’t imagine my shoe-closet without flats.

French Sole – the perfect velvet slippers!


French Sole-the perfect velvet slippers!

I’ve never thought it possible for me to say with conviction that slippers would be worth kicking off my high heels for. That was until I tried the most beautiful, luxurious and to my surprise, very comfortable velvet slippers given to me by French Sole, the iconic Hefner model with Queen Bee embroidery that I believe even Joan Crawford would approve of! That said and to tone down my zealous enthusiasm just a tad, don’t get me wrong, I would never abandon my Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo 4” pumps but I will gladly give them and my feet, a well-deserved rest by not having to worry that the new discovery will somehow fail to go with my vintage ensemble.