Faux fur from Helen Moore


Faux fur from Helen Moore is the best Winter (and beyond) accessory for a vintage girl. And if you wonder who would wear faux fur in the Summer, wonder no more because I definitely would wear it regardless of the season. Their sumptuous and very 1930s looking Slim Vixen scarf being the perfect example, as it would make for an ideal addition to a vintage floor-length evening gown. It would also look divine paired with a couture blouse with short sleeves and a longer 1940s skirt.


My love for faux fur!

I have already mentioned this British brand, synonymous with luxury faux fur, in my article ‘Winter essentials for the vintage girl’. If you haven’t read it as yet, perhaps take a look at it, as it has a lot of tips on how to stay warm during the Winter season without compromising the vintage look! But I wanted to return to reviewing them again now, as winter is still with us and it’s so refreshing to finally find a contemporary brand, that creates beautiful, vintage-inspired faux fur accessories without compromising on the quality of their products. Everything is designed and hand-made in Devon, the Helen Moore brand being a family run business, which explains perhaps why so much attention is paid to every detail, resulting in very happy costumers and devoted fans, who, like me, will always return for more!


Even though there are many contemporary pieces in Helen Moore’s collections, perfect for the modern woman, as a vintage girl I’m obviously drawn to vintage-inspired accessories. I’m told that my favourite Slim Vixen Scarf, was based on a fox fur that Helen’s mother wore. Same as the lovely Tippet scarf, obviously at that time made of real fur. As I am someone who chooses not to wear real fur, to find a real purveyor of faux fur is a sheer delight and I love that the brand produces breathtaking, warm pieces that are without a doubt the perfect alternative for those opposed to wearing real fur.

luxury faux fur Helen Moore


 faux fur from Helen Moore

In the picture by Gregory Michael King, I’m wearing a faux fur Pillbox hat and Jet Faux Fur Vintage collar from my beloved  Helen Moore brand.


luxury faux fur Helen Moore

Faux fur cape and hat from Helen Moore are the perfect alternatives to real fur!

For my latest look, I chose;

Ocelot Faux Fur Pillbox hat from Helen Moore

Jet Faux Fur Slim Vixen Scarf from Helen Moore

Truffle Faux Fur Vintage Muff, from the wedding collection, from Helen Moore

Couture blouse from Veroni Deco

Original 1940s skirt

Vintage velvet cape

Lea tights from Wolford

Photography, Gregory Michael King

Faux fur from Helen Moore

In the picture by Gregory Michael King, I’m wearing; a 1940s skirt and velvet cape, paired with a Couture top from Veroni Deco, a faux fur hat, a scarf and muff from Helen Moore, Wolford tights and 1950s gloves.


vintage fashion blog

Helen Moore is the perfect choice for a vintage vixen.


faux fur from Helen Moore. Vintage fashion.

As you can see, the faux fur scarf works great with clothes that can be worn also in the Summer!


vintage fashion in Winter

Mixing vintage fashion with contemporary designers. 1940s skirt, velvet cape, paired with faux fur hat from Helen Moore and Wolford Lea tights.


faux fur from Helen Moore. Vintage fashion in Winter.


faux fur from Helen Moore. Vintage fashion in Winter.


faux fur from Helen Moore. Vintage fashion blog

What I think about shooting in the mud.       


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Andy Sachs: Which means?
Nigel: Catastrophe.” Devil Wears Prada






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    February 9, 2019

    You look stunning and out of this world!
    Also, the faux fur is gorgeous and I don’t understand why anyone would want to wear real fur!

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