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    If I had to describe Veroni Deco designs with only a few words it would be visionary couture-extraordinaire. I’m a huge fan of Veroni’s latest all-red collection entitled

    “ The Chastity of Jessica Rabbit” and if I could I would buy every single one of her couture dresses, as I wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite one… It’s Beyond My Control.

    I did have the honour of wearing one of Veroni’s pre-collection couture dresses for a red carpet-event a couple of months ago.

    The incredible craftsmanship is visible in every piece of the garment she creates and her attention to detail makes her a true perfectionist.

    I love that she focuses so much on using luxurious fabrics. I simply can’t get enough of the beaded and embroidered lace, velvet and feathers, the latter, a tribute to her beloved birds, a fascination, so visible throughout all her collections, started when she was a little girl growing up in the Czech Republic, surrounded by animals and her grandfather’s parrot house that she visited every single day.

    Being such an inspirational designer, I couldn’t not end the year without indulging in a little conversation with her, about her latest collection, as well as what 2013 may hold for Veroni Deco.

    It’s Beyond My Control: Your new collection, entitled “The Chastity of Jessica Rabbit” was inspired by a cartoon character. Why do you find her so fascinating and how did her chastity come to be involved?

    Red couture dress. Veroni Deco dress

    Veoni Deco collection. Photography: Gregory Michael King, Make-Up: Sandra Bermingham, Hair: Sofia Sjoo, Model: Dahlia at Select, Rabbit Poppy.

    Veroni Deco: The Chastity of Jessica Rabbit collection was inspired by the unforgettable cartoon entity of Jessica Rabbit, in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

    Her cartoon character alluded to the screen sirens of the 1930s and 1950s and also to the Femme Fatale in Film Noir that was created to form a concept of a perfect woman that is appealing to both man and woman.

    Every man wants to be with her, every woman wants to be her. She is sexy and attractive with a great sense of humour and scathing wit. I don’t think I need to describe any more why she is a great temptress to lots of gentlemen followers thanks to her seductive performances.

    Her character is based on an amazing exaggerated body physique; a flawless face and long red fire hair underline her sexiness.

    The Chastity in my collection was provoked/inspired by the great irony in the manner she describes herself: ”I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way” as she walks away in a seductive provocative manner.

    She projects at one the attainable and unattainable. This Collection was made for the woman that will inspire awe and a certain degree of magic the second she walks into a room by her very appearance.

    Photography: Gregory Michael King

    Veroni Deco
    Veroni Deco

    It’s Beyond My Control:  This is your second collection, which is very different from the first one. Here you chose to focus on couture gowns only. Is couture more what you want Veroni Deco to be known for?


    Veroni Deco: Veroni Deco is a luxury boutique brand, specialising in red carpet and special occasion evening wear, Gowns and dresses are of the highest craft and quality. We believe we understand the importance and nature of such events and create admiring statement pieces that imbue its wearer with allure and confidence. It’s a brand with a passion for the vintage and an interest in the dichotomy between Dark Fairytale and Romance.

    IBMC: What type of woman do you design for?

    Veroni Deco

    Red Couture dress by Veroni Deco.


    Veroni Deco: What type of woman, goddess, and muse inspires me? I do adore Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Veronica Lake, Joan Crawford, Ava Gardner and Greta Garbo.

    I see them as flawless muses, icons that were very feminine and graceful. I believe appearance should reflect something of your personality and create a statement without saying a single word.

    Appearance is The Strongest visual statement and it’s up to the individual to engage in this theatre should they wish.

    Veroni Deco
    Veroni Deco

    IBMC: How do you prepare for a new collection?


    Veroni Deco: The Next Collection is inspired by Rococo with a modern twist, very clean tailored lines and opulent detailing. Candy like a treat, pre-opened with my first shoe range with matching accessories called Mignon Rococo available to purchase early in 2013.

    red couture dress. Photography Gregory Michael King

    To the Looking-Glass world, it was Alice that said ‘I’ve a sceptre in hand, I’ve a crown on my head. Let the Looking-Glass creatures, whatever they be, Come and dine with the Red Queen, the White Queen, and me.

    IBMC: Where do you see the Veroni Deco brand in five years?

    Red couture dress. Fashion photography by Gregory Michael King

    Veroni Deco

    Veroni Deco: I’m aiming to establish Veroni Deco in certain target countries and to develop a bigger range of products of bags and jewellery.

    Our product will be stocked in key small boutiques and concessions stores in Europe.

    IBMC: You have just finished working on your very first accessory line focusing on shoes and belts which will be out at the beginning of the New Year.

    Was it a big challenge for you? Is it very different from designing couture gowns?

    Veroni Deco

    Veroni Deco: As a graduate of fashion design, specialising in womenswear and menswear clothing the Shoes and accessories industry is very new to me. Learning the tricks of the leather trade and the whole process of developing heels has been an eye-opening journey for me.

    I’m lucky enough to have been introduced to this new field and can assure you I won’t be able to look at any shoes the same again. Every woman and girl dreams of a perfect pair of shoes.

    Veroni Deco

    Just slipping into a pair of high heels is an experience that gives you an instant mind lift and encourages an elegant attractive statuesque posture, which was summed up nicely by Marilyn Monroe “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

    On this matter, I’m very pleased to announce my new shoe and accessories collection called Mignon Rococo.

    IBMC:  Whatever happened to the White rabbit after the shoot?

    Veroni Deco

    Veroni Deco: The Charming White bunny is enjoying a break from acting. In fact, it’s a girl and she is enjoying the company of my two budgies Charlie and Mimi.

    Photography: Gregory Michael King

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