Wheels and Dollbaby


Wheels and Dollbaby

Edith Head, the great costumier of Hollywood films, once said that “clothes are the way you present yourself to the world; they affect the way the world feels and thinks about you; subconsciously they affect the way you feel and think about yourself.” A sharp observation which resonates strongly with me, as I firmly believe that a woman says a lot about who she is by what she wears.

I’m something of a chameleon and as Mr de Merteuil will tell you, I have many personalities. One of my favourite personas is the ‘Dollbaby’ and if you haven’t a clue as to who or what I’m referencing then let me help you ‘get smart’ to the term. A ‘Dollbaby’ is, from my personal observations… A strong woman, not afraid to look sexy yet never vulgar, a femme fatale, a vintage vixen, fond of theatricality. She is the epitome of rock luxury and sex appeal.


Wheels and Dollbaby- the meaning

The term comes from the title of the Australian-made fashion label Wheels and Dollbaby, who in turn is named after characters in a 1967 episode of the American TV series ‘Get Smart’. Founded in 1987 by the incredibly beautiful and talented Melanie Greensmith, who continues as the brand’s creative director and head designer, Wheels and Dollbaby also adorn its label with the tagline “Outfitters to the Stars” a trademark earned when Mel razzle-dazzled no other than Michael Jackson, her first-star client. Despite the celebrity endorsement, however, you don’t have to have a star’s bank account to shop at Wheels and Dollbaby and feel like million bucks because it’s surprisingly very reasonably priced considering the good quality fabrics the clothes are made of and, most importantly, their brilliant design. Wheels and  Dollbaby is a dream for anyone, like me, who is fond of the glamorous style of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s but can’t get their hands on the original pieces. It’s also a heaven for those who would like to… Feel like a showgirl! Even if it’s only in the privacy of one’s own boudoir, wearing the ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’ playsuit in red satin, hand-encrusted with Swarovski crystals. 

All the glamour!

I can’t imagine anyone feeling anything but glamorous and self-confident wearing Wheels and Dollbaby and if you are already a fan of the brand you know exactly what I mean. My recent trip to their boutique in Sydney and a little shopping extravaganza left me with a thirst wanting more because once you slip into one of their 1940s-inspired gowns or an incredibly sexy pencil skirt, that makes you feel like a Dollbaby, you will never want that feeling to go away. 

There is however a challenge in feeding my newly found obsession. Apart from the obvious limit on my credit card, I’ve discovered the added problem of… The other Dollbabies! Who, equally share my excellent taste, voluptuous appetite and… Make it extremely difficult to get my hands on anything from the latest collection! Especially, in smaller sizes. I cried like a (doll)baby in an empty powder-pink candy store when it turned out that most of “my precious” items from the shopping wish-list were sold out including the beautiful limited edition “National Velvet” Dita von Teese cardigan! Damn you to hell other Dollbabies!!! I will find you and I will…

Wheels and Dollbaby

At the Wheels & Dollbaby boutique in Sydney. You can read about my trip to Australia and the perfect weekend in Sydney here!


Thankfully, Mel had kindly put some items aside that she thought I might like. And the lovely Wheels and Dollbaby girls also, with a little persuasion, went through every inch of the boutique, looking for anything in my size leaving me only to tear the clothes from the shop mannequins to check that they weren’t hiding smalls. What can I say It’s Beyond My Control.

One word of advice, if you really like something you see on their website don’t hesitate to hit the “add to cart” button or you will regret not buying it in the morning. After all

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.

Edith Head

The new collection

P.S. A little bird told me that the new Wheels & Dollbaby Spring Summer 2017 collection “La Mayfair Affair” is out tomorrow at 10 am Australian Eastern Time. So… Let the fastest and most devoted Dollbaby win but remember who you’re up against 😉

Now without further ado, I’m presenting pictures from a shoot, wearing my latest purchase the Wheels and Dollbaby Irma La Douce (the name of a character played by Shirley MacLaine in a 1963 film of the same title) pencil skirt, and the Poison Ivy Snake cardigan. The satin skirt is brilliantly designed with a double-layered stretch that creates the perfect silhouette and the cardigan with a snake made using gold sequins which gives it a real feel of the 1930s Hollywood glamour. 

Wheels and Dollbaby

Wheels and Dollbaby Irma skirt and

Wheels & Dollbaby

The back of my Wheels and Dollbaby Irma skirt paired with Wolford tights.

Wheels and Dollbaby

Wheels and Dollbaby addict Dominique de Merteuil with Isia-Lilith photographed by Gregory Michael King.

Wheels & Dollbaby cardigan

Dominique de Merteuil with Isia-Lilith photographed by Gregory Michael King.

8 Responses
  • Avatar
    bella lauren
    November 3, 2016

    You look really stunning in this outfit,this store is best for vintage items

  • Avatar
    October 11, 2016

    What an absolutely gorgeous dress, just perfect. I love your tights too – On first look, I thought they were a plain seam and then I saw that great ‘variation on a seam’! I like the idea of Dollbaby, but I am pretty certain I couldn’t pull it off as wonderfully as you! Kx

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      Dominique de Merteuil
      October 12, 2016

      Dear Karen,
      Thank you for your comment!
      The wonderful thing about Wheels & Dollbaby clothes is that they fit like a glove! I’ve seen Dollbabies in Sydney and London and even though they were different shape, size and height, they were all beautiful and confident looking women! Everyone looks incredible in Wheels & Dollbaby.

      Dominique x

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