The Perfect Weekend in Sydney


The Perfect Weekend in Sydney – Where to eat, drink and shop if you love vintage, luxury but only have a couple of days to spare.

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Australia and even though most of my time was spent taking in spectacular sunsets from the picturesque beaches of Perth on the country’s west coast, I did get the chance to go for a weekend to Sydney on the east coast, a city that I now consider to be one of my favourite places in the world.

Now, I don’t know about you but for me traveling to a new place is often incredibly stressful, as I’m forever trying to cram way too much in a day, running like a headless chicken from museum to art gallery, taking in a few brands that I want to write about along the way and at the end of it all, I’m left exhausted! So, this time around, the moment Mr de Merteuil mentioned the idea of us going to Sydney, I suggested that instead of the usual cultural highlights, that I would want us to focus on the best the city has to offer by way of shops, restaurants and bars, throwing in a few obligatory places that every first time visitor needs to cross off their bucket list.

Putting plan into action, I have to say, this had to be one of my most pleasant city escapes! And in true travel diary fashion, I thought I’d share with you my experience but rather than going into lengthy details of every one of my recommended places, that I would let the pictures do most of the talking.

To make it easier and more coherent for you, I added all my favourite places onto a map so you can see the distance between them.

Sydney map

The Royal Botanic Garden – for the perfect view of the Sydney Opera House.

One of those, which I highly recommend is the Royal Botanic Garden with its spectacular views of the Sydney Opera House (which should be admired only from a distance as it’s not very impressive up close) and the Harbour Bridge, that always looks amazing no matter what the time of the day or night and If you think about it you are getting two birds with one stone here. It’s a great starting point for the perfect weekend in Sydney as it’s in close proximity to Hacienda bar, which happens to have the best Espresso Martini I’ve ever had. 

Royal Botanic Garden


Wheels & Dollbaby – for the most perfect, luxurious, vintage inspired cardigans, dresses and pencil skirts!

Address: 259 Crown St Darlinghurst 2010 Sydney

The brand is a dream for anyone, like me, who is fond of the glamorous style of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s but can’t get their hands on the original pieces. If you are not a Dollbaby yet, read my article about my favourite Australian brand and what it means to be a Dollbaby (HERE), you will be after spending 5 minutes in this incredible boutique! For all the vintage vixens, Femme Fatales and rock-luxury craving ladies.

Wheels & Dollbaby

In the picture I’m wearing my little shopping extravaganza, Wheels & Dollbaby gold snake cardigan and Irma La Douce pencil skirt.

Wheels & Dollbaby

Baby Likes To Pony – For the most luxurious and sexy lingerie!

Address: 319 South Dowling St, Darlinghurst Sydney

For luxury lingerie head straight to Baby Likes to Pony, a boutique with the best selection for those, who like myself, believe that what’s underneath counts. You will not only  find there brands such as; Bordelle, DSTM, Something Wicked, MURMUR, AMORALLE, Jaun Paul Gaultier and The Model Traitor but you will also find incredibly welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable staff who’ll help you find the perfect treat for the body and the soul. As you can see from the picture below I didn’t  keep my clothes on for long. What can I say except that It was Beyond My Control. 🙂

Baby Likes To Pony

In the picture shot by Gregory Michael King I’m wearing; suspender zipper corset by MURMUR, ring girdle by The Model Traitor and luxury fabric tights by Amoralle.

Baby Likes To Pony

And that’s how I looked (fully dresses) when I first came to Baby Likes To Pony lingerie shop.

Baby Likes To Pony Sydney boutique

Potts Point Vintage – for the best selection of vintage clothes!

Address: 2/8a Hughes St, Potts Point NSW 2011 Sydney

For a fantastic selection of vintage clothes go to Potts Point Vintage owned by the wonderful Arnold Kieldaard. You can find there both; vintage and pre-owned designer clothes and accessories. Very reasonably priced and you will get great customer service. Had it not been for the fact that I had no space in my suitcase I would have bought half the store, especially some of the coats!

Potts Point Vintage

Moi with the lovely Arnold Kieldaart, the owner of Potts Point Vintage, my favourite vintage shop in Sydney.

Potts Point Vintage

Potts Point Vintage

Potts Point Vintage

Potts Point is one of my favourite parts of Sydney!

Poots Point

Potts Point Sydney

Dinning and Winning

Hacienda Bar – for the perfect drink and spectacular views!

Address: 61 Macquaire Street 2000  at Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour

Beautiful interior design, breath-taking views of the Sydney Harbour and the best Espresso Martini I’ve ever had.

Hacienda Bar Sydney

Hacienda Bar in Sydney photographed by Esteban La Tessa

Hacienda Sydney photographed by Esteban La Tessa

Hacienda Bar in Sydney photographed by Esteban La Tessa.

Hacienda Sydney photographed by Esteban La Tessa

Hacienda Bar in Sydney photographed by Esteban La Tessa.

Hacienda Bar

Bennelong Point with a dreamy view on the Sydney Harbour Bridge near Hacienda Bar!



The Commons – for the perfect lunch.

Address: 32 Burton St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Sydney

The Commons was a serendipitous find and the result of turning into the wrong street. What attracted me to this place was it’s cosy interior, great selection of wine on the menu and excellent background music which is more important than you might think:) Very welcoming, entertaining staff and good food – I had a delicious mushroom risotto- makes the place perfect for a lunch or dinner.

The Commons bar in Sydney

The Commons bar in Sydney.

The Commons bar in Sydney

The Commons bar in Sydney

The Commons bar in Sydney

The Commons bar in Sydney.

Martin Place – for the perfect Matrix moment in Sydney:)

Address: the corner of Martin Place and Pitt Street.

I’m a big fan of The Matrix and couldn’t resist having my picture taken in one of the film’s location. I was considering the bridge at first but the fountain from the scene with the woman in the red dress turned out to look more impressive in reality.

Sydney The Matrix

The Matrix

P.S From Perth with Love!

In the picture taken on one of Perth’s beautiful beaches, I’m wearing a vintage, 1960s to be exact, dress by David Warren and sunglasses by Megumi O. Photography Gregory Michael King.

Perth, Australia


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    October 25, 2016

    Please take me to Sydney with you next time Loved it! Beautiful pictures and mesmerising model

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    October 24, 2016

    Great article!

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