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Acne Studios- The Casual Chic Look!


Acne Studios If a land of eternal autumn existed, a place dominated by leaves of gold and red, where the temperature was perfect for wearing a Burberry coat every day, accessorised with Christian Louboutin pumps, then I would move there immediately. However, Narnia is but a book while winter; a reality and such a difficult time of year for anyone wanting to ...



I’ve been so incredibly uninspired by what the winds of fashion (or lack there of) have brought of late, that I’ve literally drifted into depression because of it. I feel as if we’ve seen it all before and that design houses have raised anchor on creativity and set sail for commerciality. I don’t however lay blame on the designers at the ...

Veroni Deco Designs


If I had to describe Veroni Deco designs with only few words it would be visionary couture-extraordinaire. I’m a huge fan of Veroni’s latest all-red collection entitled “ The Chastity of Jessica Rabbit” and if I could I would buy every single one of her couture dresses, as I wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite one… It’s Beyond My Control. I ...