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Last updated on March 17th, 2024 at 10:46 am

    Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen! For my weekly Q&A in the Vintage Shop Of The Week section.

     I present you with Crush Vintage, run by two friends whose mutual passion for vintage fashion led to the creation of a shop filled with real treasures for savvy vintage shoppers like myself where you can find garments dating to as early as 1800!

    With such an exquisite selection of coats from the 1930s-1980s, it’s a real struggle to leave their Etsy shop without clicking the “add to cart” button.

    Dominique de Merteuil: How did you start your adventure in selling vintage clothes?

    Crush Vintage: I started out first on eBay (during the Sophia Amoruso/Nasty Gal days!) just wanting to sell some of my unworn items, and quickly progressed into building a real customer base. I moved over to Etsy a few years later and haven’t looked back!

    Dominique de Merteuil: What can we find in your vintage shop? For example, do you specialise in a particular era or type of garment, accessory, etc?

    Crush Vintage: You can find all eras and clothing types from the 1970s and older in the shop. We specialize in a wearable vintage that will blend into any modern wardrobe.

    1930s dress
    1970s dress Stephen Burrows
    Rare Stephen Burrows dress from the 70s in dusky pink rayon. You can buy this beauty from Crush Vintage via their Etsy shop!
    1930s silk gown from Crush Vintage
    Breathtaking 1930s silk gown from Crush Vintage! 
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    Beautiful 1940s Dorothy O’Hara dress can be purchased from Crush Vintage Etsy shop but hurry up because It’s not going to stay there long!

    Dominique de Merteuil: Is there a process you go through when selecting garments for your shop? Perhaps you have a list of criteria, that you use when deciding which garments will be perfect for your shop and your clients.

    Crush VintageWhen purchasing an item, I run through many questions in my head: Is it in good condition? Can you picture a modern-day girl wearing it? Would I wear it? Is it too costume-y or just the right amount of bonkers one-of-a-kind amazing?

    Dominique de Merteuil: Where do you find all those beautiful vintage clothes and accessories for your shop? (if it’s not a secret!)

    Crush VintageIt is getting really hard to find a good vintage nowadays and I have to search high and low for it! I also have great relationships with several estate sales companies and vendors. And also keeping in touch with those with big vintage collections. I have been cultivating one lead for three years! But she is getting close to selling me her collection…..very soon hopefully.

    1940s Princess coat from Crush Vintage
    One of the most beautiful 1940s coats I’ve ever seen! Available at Crush Vintage Etsy shop!
    1940s tilt hat
    Beautiful 1940s tilt hat from Crush Vintage!
    1930s velvet coat from Crush Vintage
    1930s velvet coat by I.Magnin & Co Importers from Crush Vintage.
    1950s skirt suit in sapphire blue from Crush Vintage

    Dominique de Merteuil: What is your favourite period of time and why?

    Crush Vintage: My favourite period in time is right now! I love fashion’s inclusiveness and the fact that you can wear anything and everything and still look chic!

    Dominique de Merteuil: What message/advice do you have for women who have never bought vintage clothes before? For example: what are the key pieces to start building a vintage look? What to keep in mind when making a purchase?

    Crush VintageThe advice I would give someone who is starting their vintage collection is: Buy What You Love and Buy It Right Away. Don’t hesitate. If something speaks to you, get it. Vintage right now is so hot, and the good things get snapped up quickly.

    You can start with coats, jewellery, handbags, whatever you need to enhance your wardrobe. Oh…and keep your measurements handy!

    Dominique de Merteuil: What are the 3 favourite items that you have ever sold and why have you chosen to name those particular ones?

    Crush Vintage: Some of my favourite items are priceless things we unearthed. We have had several Adrian items (one gown and some suits!) and an amazing Poiret cape that was sold to a collector. That thrill of finding that hidden tag never gets old!

    Poiret cape from Crush Vintage
    Skirt suit by Adrian from Crush Vintage
    Dress by Adrian from Crush Vintage

    Dominique de Merteuil: What are your favourite vintage brands and are they very difficult to find?

    Crush VintageMy favourite vintage brands are so wide and varied! I love Dorothy O’Hara, Lilli Ann, and Ceil Chapman…. but there are so many wonderful items with no labels too, we don’t discriminate. I think we have become too label conscious when really, it should be all about construction and quality.

    Dominique de Merteuil: What’s in your wardrobe? Do you personally wear vintage clothes on a daily basis?

    Crush Vintage: I collect coats! Although living in California I don’t get a chance to wear them too much! But I love that you can wear jeans and a t-shirt and throw a good jacket/coat on top and look completely chic! I get so many compliments on my vintage leopard coats.

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