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Abbie Walsh accessories are the perfect match, for both, vintage and modern garments. The limited collections, as well as one-off pieces, are all handmade and embellished with beautiful beads and dreamy embroidery.

And what makes them even more special is the original artwork created by the tattoo artist Heather Moore.

Abbie Walsh Accessories-Not Only for the Stars

I find Abbie’s bespoke neckties to be a real work of art, a collector’s items and I know that I’m not the only one! Her dazzling gems are worn by the bold and the beautiful, both men and women, and are favoured amongst the stars. Lana Del Rey, Lucy Boynton, Karlie Kloss and the list goes on and on. And that’s what Abbie has to say about her clients.

They know how to dress well, they are playful with their looks and life, they are creative and always appreciate the love and time that goes into creating each piece. My accessories can be worn with a simple outfit, which is how I like to wear mine, a necktie paired with a simple jumpsuit can transform an entire look. Every single one of my clients has been lovely! I enjoy the process of working with each person and if I’m working on a larger piece for them, I love getting to know them, to get the feel of their personality, which I then translate into the commissioned piece.

Abbie Walsh pink necktie
In the photograph on the left, Abbie Walsh pink necktie with a heart and arrows. On the right, is my late 1930s sequins blouse from the film ” Old Acquaintance.” You can read more about it in my  article “Some people need sequins, others don’t.” Don’t you think that those two pieces would be a match in vintage heaven! 
Abbie Walsh neckties
Abbie Walsh pink, black and white neckties.
Celebrities favourite neckties

Stripes and Leopard Print

Abbie Walsh neckties Paloma Faith

As you can see, I’m a big fan of leopard print and I definitely need more stripes in my life! Abbie Walsh accessories go great paired with both, vintage and contemporary pieces.

In the photograph on the left, I’m wearing an Agent Provocateur body paired with Christian Louboutin pumps. On the right, I’m wearing a 1940s skirt suit paired with French Sole ballet flats with a matching purse. Photography Gregory Michael King.

Vintage fashion blogger

Leopard Print Shoes

Abbie Walsh  Bow Brooch is the perfect accessory to complete the “All About Eve” look.

Abbie Walsh heart bow brooch
Abbie Walsh heart bow brooch in pink and white. In the photograph on the right, Bette Davis and her massive bow in “All About Eve.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Abbie Walsh showgirl flower

Close-up of one of the beautiful showgirl flowers! Something tells me that MM would definitely give her a nod of approval. 

Abbie finds inspiration for her designs in…

I love things that tell a story. My inspiration comes from fashion and fashion photography books, both vintage and modern. I’m a big fan of photographers; Tim Walker, Louie Banks and Nadia Lee Cohen.
I find stylists such as Leith Clark and Lucinda Chambers very inspiring. I always enjoy sending my work for fashion shoots, love to see how they translate my pieces. Love The Marvellous Mrs Maisiel, the costume designer Donna Zakowska is dreamy. I find a lot of inspiration during my travels. Other artisan talents who inspire me are; potters, and chefs, I’ve recently met a natural fabric dyer who uses only natural ingredients to dye the most beautiful silk ribbons in the dreamiest of colours.
I adore the artist-performer Mosh. Her costumes are incredible, and her personal style is perfection. I also find the LA artists’ community wonderful, very colourful, and a great match with my pieces.

Abbie Walsh accessories and clothes.
Stunning one of a kind collar, purse and jacket, all embellished with hand-sewn beads and sequins.

The Queen Bee

Abbie’s inspiration for embroidery comes from…

Inspiration for embroidery comes from the 1930s, the Hollywood era was particularly magnificent for sparkle! Antique/vintage fabric samples I collect – dating from the 1800s to 1930s. Let’s not forget about books and exhibitions. Whatever I’m working on, that in itself inspires me, if I’m embellishing a lion, I research into real lions, how they move, shades of the mains, facial features.

Here is the new to me Abbie Walsh necktie with bleeding heart embroidery.

Joan Crawford look, Abbie Walsh necktie
My Joan Crawford-inspired look. Abbie Walsh necktie. 1940s skirt suit.

Scuttle Bug Neckties

  • Scorpion
Abbie Walsh scorpion necktie
Limited edition collection of Scuttle Bug Neckties in liberty print fabric.
  • Beetle
Abbie Walsh liberty print necktie
The Beetle necktie in liberty print fabric.                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Centipede
Abbie Walsh centipede necktie.
The centipede necktie in liberty print fabric.

To make one of Abbie Walsh beautiful neckties it takes…

For a new embellishment, the design process takes a few weeks. The construction, cutting out the fabric artwork, sourcing the embellishment elements and hand sewing, can take anywhere between a day and three days. Sometimes more than that, as I like to step away from the project and come back with fresh eyes to make sure I’m 100% happy. If I’m not, I’ll redo parts.

Knickers and hair-ties

Abbie Walsh Liberty knickers.
Liberty knickers with matching hair tie in pink and blue.

The fabrics and beads used in Abbie Walsh collections come from…

I have a large collection of materials, all from my travels, vintage fairs (love Hammersmith and Frock Me), vintage dealers who know I love beads and embellishments save them for me. I often buy items where the fabric has disintegrated but the beads and sequins are perfect so I can save them. Love car boots, there are particular ones I like to go too. Vintage shops, I get to know the owners and they call me when they have pieces I might be interested in.

The Mermaid Jacket

Abbie Walsh accessories

The Cherry Jacket

Abbie Walsh Cherry jacket

Abbie is currently working on…

I’m also working on a new line of t-shirts available through my online store, a new series of Neckties for the autumn and some one-off pieces in time for the festive season. All top secret though so can’t give too much away!

I’m already waiting with huge anticipation for the new Abbie Walsh collection, which I’ll be sharing with you all, so stay tuned!

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  • Carla
    August 29, 2019

    Beautiful accessories and I’m in love with the Liberty print necktie with Beetle. Thank you for finding those amazing designers!

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      August 29, 2019

      All of Abbie’s neckties are a work of art and I’m utterly obsessed with her brand!

      Thank you for reading my blog.