L’Hotel – The Luxury Boutique Hotel in Paris.

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    Oscar Wilde, perhaps my favourite author, famously once said, “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” Taking his own words to heart, poverty-stricken and in Paris, dear Oscar, nearing the end of his days, moved into a hotel above his means and stayed there until his death in November 1900.

    L’Hotel – The best luxury boutique hotel in Paris.

    That hotel stands to this day, on the site of La Reine Margot’s Pavillon d’Amor, where it has been a fixture of the Parisian South Bank since 1828. In Oscar’s time, however, at the end of the 19th Century, it was known as Hotel d’Alsace before taking on the name that we’re familiar with today, L’Hotel, and becoming the place to be seen, in the beautiful area of Saint Germain, for the crème de la crème of Parisian society who so often rubbed shoulders with the Hollywood set that included Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, as well as Spanish master of Surrealist painting, Salvador Dali.

    Though it may perhaps be the smallest luxury hotel in the city of love, for me L’Hotel will always remain the best luxury boutique hotel in Paris. I must however warn you that; I have a bias, as it’s where Mr de Merteuil and I spent our honeymoon after our whirlwind romance and wedding at London’s Chelsea Town Hall, following in the footsteps of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate.

    Nevertheless, I lay down my proud de Merteuil gauntlet to anyone who dares challenge that it is not a work of art, as each of the 20 guest rooms designed by one of my favourite interior designers, Jaques Garcia, can surely testify otherwise and if they don’t convince you then perhaps the underground vaulted-ceiling private swimming pool or the Michelin starred Le Restaurant will.

    Be warned, however, L’Hotel is like another small Parisian delicacy, the magnificent Macaroon, which once tried its taste is never forgotten and it’s longed for forevermore. So, simply mentioning L’Hotel’s 13 Rue Des Beaux-Arts address is enough to send me into raptures and writing this now, my head is swimming, thinking of how I can persuade Mr de Merteuil to justify visiting it again… And again.

    L’Hotel – the best luxury boutique hotel in Paris.

    L'Hotel Paris
    The entrance of L’Hotel in Paris.
    L'Hotel Le Bar
    Le Bar is one of my favourite bars in Paris.
    The famous Le Bar at L'Hotel in Paris.
    The reception at L'Hotel.
    Le Restaurant at L'Hotel.
    Le Restaurant at L’Hotel.
    Stairwell at L'Hotel.
    Magnificent stairwell at L’Hotel.
    L'Hotel Oscar Wilde
    Oscar Wilde at L’Hotel.
    Oscar Wilde L'Hotel
    Oscar Wilde Suite
    Oscar Wilde Suite at L'Hotel.
    L’Hotel Paris
    The Apartment, named after Louis – Antoine, is the largest suite (45 sq m) at L’Hotel with a lovely terrace perfect for a candlelight dinner.
    Moi photographed by Gregory Michael King AKA Mr de Merteuil at L’Hotel in the de Merteuil room. 🙂 It’s Beyond My Control.
    18th century Wig
    I was born in the wrong century and every time the opportunity presents itself for me to wear a beautiful film/theatre wig from my favourite period of time, I never refuse. What better place to wear such a wig than in Paris or Versailles. The picture of me taken by Gregory Michael King was to advertise the “How To Be 18th Century.” show.
    Grand Suite inspired by 19th-century Russia and Belle Epoque.
    L'Hotel review
    The bathroom is in one of the 3 junior suites. Grand Suite inspired by 19th-century Russia and Belle Epoque.
    The Mignon room.
    One of the Chic rooms at L’Hotel.
    L’Hotel – The best luxury boutique hotel in Paris.
    The romantic and very private pool in the basement of L’Hotel.
    Oscar Wilde
    “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is one of my favourite novels written by Oscar Wilde so imagine my delight when I found a copy of this magnificent book published in 1910, in a little treasure bookshop on Charing Cross.

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    All pictures of the interiors of L’Hotel courtesy of A Curious Group Of Hotels.

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