How to wear 1950s clothing in Autumn


How to wear 1950s clothing in Autumn!

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. It’s the most vintage friendly season, as long as it’s not raining that is, when I can wear a 1950s skirt suit, like the Handmacher beauty in the picture below, or a dress, without the need of having to cover it with a coat.

1950s Handmacher suit

1950s Handmacher suit paired with Garay purse, Wolford tights and ankle boots.

  • The choices in styling and accessorising a 1950s garment for the Autumn season are endless. Hats, scarves, gloves, tights and shoes, be it true vintage or contemporary, can transform the look of a 1950s garment completely. Swapping flat brogues for high heels or booties and adding a sparkling brooch is all you really need to turn a 1950s day dress into an evening ensemble.


  • I found that what really works with wearing 1950s clothes in Autumn, regardless if it’s a blouse with skirt or trousers combination, or even a dress that you opt for, is a velvet bolero or a cape. In the picture below I paired one of my many 1950s velvet boleros with Wolford body, which keeps me very warm on colder days. It’s also a perfect example that vintage clothes can look quite contemporary depending on how they are styled.

My vintage fashion blog vintage fashion blogger


1950s bolero paired with Wolford body is perfect for colder days.

For today’s 1950s Autumn look I opted for:

The 1950s dress  by Junior First Fashion

The 1950s velvet bolero

The 19550s gloves

The 1950s hair snood

Wolford tights

Photography: Gregory Michael King 

vintage blogger

How to wear 1950s clothing in Autumn

How to wear 1950s clothing in Autumn

vintage fashion blog

How to wear 1950s clothing in Autumn

vintage blogger

How to wear 1950s clothing in Autumn

How to wear 1950s clothing in Autumn.

How to wear 1950s clothing in Autumn


Beautiful Lazienki Park in Warsaw!


Below are a few examples of how women dressed in Autumn in the 1950s.

1950s fashion


“The ‘costume look’ has developed into a strong fashion idea for fall and winter. The news is in the mismated fabrics and colours used in this year’s go-togethers. Highly-textured (and often noisily patterned) coats and jackets are sold frankly as suits with solid colour dresses or skirts. Wool capes or stoles teamed with evening dresses made other texture combinations. Brilliant colours, so popular in this year’s town suits and coats, added still another mismatched note. (…)

Fashion’s new running mates, often mismatched, were as important in cocktail and evening clothes as in daytime fashions. Examples: Rough tweed and yarn-dyed will make another daytime team in Adele Simpson’s cut away jacket and one-piece dress. Fitted basque jackets or full-length satin coats teamed with matching skirts were among the new cocktail-time go-togethers.”  Quick NEWS WEEKLY SEPT.24,1952 p.37 This article was provided by




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  • Avatar
    October 19, 2018

    Love your vintage look! The dress is really beautiful and it’s incredible how contemporary it looks.

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      Dominique de Merteuil
      October 24, 2018

      Thank you! Yes, vintage clothes can look very contemporary depending on how you style and accessorise them.

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