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Best Detergent For Delicates & Washable Vintage Clothes!

In this post, you will learn about what I’ve been using for years, the best detergent for delicates. vintage lingerie and clothes. I will also show you how to remove yellow stains on white clothes and linens.

If you have a penchant for beauteous undergarments, and like me, you buy a lot of vintage nightgowns, teddies and knickers, you know that proper care is a must.

Life is too short to wear mediocre underwear.

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The best detergent for delicate lingerie and vintage clothes.

Best delicate detergent for vintage clothes and lingerie.

Always Hand Wash Your Delicates

Hand washing will prolong the life of your undergarments!

I hand wash all my delicates, and if you want your expensive undergarments and beyond to last many years to come, you should forget that a washing machine even exists. In truth, I use the latter exclusively for cleaning sheets and towels, as most of my garments are from the 1930s and the 1940s and need special care.

For many of my precious vintage pieces, contact with water is not an option. You can find out more about it in the article on how to clean vintage clothes.

And if you are considering buying your very first vintage lingerie, you should read the ‘How to shop for vintage lingerie. Expert advice!’ article.

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Why I Love & Recommend Eucalan Detergent for Washing Vintage Lingerie!

Many years ago, when I was looking for a delicate but beautifully scented detergent worthy of my vintage undergarments, my mother-in-law came to the rescue by giving me a sample of the Canadian brand Eucalan, when I was visiting her in Australia.

It’s amusing that the founder of the brand, Ellen Edgar, discovered the formula for her product when visiting a friend in the land down under.

Note to self, I need to travel to Australia more often, as who knows what other wonderful products I will uncover.

Eucalan detergent review

I would like to emphasize that the scent of a detergent, any detergent I use, is of great importance to me. I have a heightened sense of smell that can be a curse or a blessing, but trust me when I say that the fragrance of Eucalan Wrapture (jasmine) is heavenly.

I’m also prone to an allergic reaction when in contact with harsh detergents, and Eucalan is so gentle to my skin that I can trust it with my precious and fragile at times undergarments.

What is Eucalan Detergent?

The Only Detergent For Delicates & Vintage Lingerie You Will Ever Need!

What is the best detergent for delicates?

Eucalan is a mild and non-toxic detergent perfect for hand-washing wool, cashmere, silk and even lace. It’s also a great cleaner for delicate lingerie and beyond. Most importantly, it doesn’t require a rinse which saves water. The essential oils used in Eucalan act as a fabric softener.

CC41 Utility Clothing Scheme

Which Eucalan scent is the best one?

The name Eucalan is the combination of eucalyptus and lanolin, the two main components of the original product. I must admit that eucalyptus is not my favourite scent, so I don’t use this particular one, but my mother-in-law raves about it and loves it as much as my all-time favourites; jasmine and lavender. For those who prefer fragrance with a fruit note, I suggest you try the Eucalan grapefruit. There is, of course, the unscented version of the detergent, so you will be spoiled for choice.

bicycle wear in the 1920s

How to Wash Vintage Lingerie in Eucalan Detergent

Time needed: 4 minutes

How to wash vintage lingerie in Eucalan- the best detergent for delicates.

  1. Firstly, fill the basin with lukewarm water.

    Add half a cup of Eucalan natural detergent. I’m a big fan of the jasmine scent, but the lavender also smells divine and has moth-preventing qualities.

    Best Detergent for delicates

  2. Secondly, separate your lingerie by colour in order to avoid a disaster.

    Soak the undergarments for 15 detergent for washing lingerie

  3. Squeeze gently. No rinse is required, which means that you are saving water.

    Take the lingerie out of the basin and place it on a towel.
    best detergent for delicates 2023

  4. Roll your delicates in the towel to get rid of excess water.

    Place your garments flat on a clean and dry detergent for hand washing lingrie

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Stains On White Clothes

I receive a lot of e-mails and comments from you about my recommendations for removing yellow stains from vintage and antique garments, as well as linens.

The product that has never failed me in getting rid of yellow stains on washable fabrics is Retro Clean. It worked wonders for me on a vintage blouse with perspiration spots!

Instructions on Using Retro Clean Stain Remover

  • Check the fabric for colourfastness
  • Wash and rinse the garment or cloth you want to treat for yellow stains
  • Dissolve four tablespoons of Retro Clean in warm water
  • Soak the fabric for up to 48 hours, but check and stir every few hours
  • Wash and rinse fabric after the soak
  • Retro Clean is slow-acting, doesn’t cause fading, and it’s safe for all washable fabrics

Best product for removing yellow stains from white clothes.
Retro Clean stain remover for all vintage washable fabrics because it’s gentle and won’t cause damage.

What you see in the picture is the wrong side of my very expensive bedspread. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves to wipe her cute face on it after eating. She is on a BARF diet and the spots are mainly from turkey neck. I caught her rubbing her eyes against the bedspread and I’m positive that that’s the cause of the brown spots. And yes, I do clean her eyes every single day!

I tried a couple of spot removers in the past. As it turned out, they were no match for the Retro Clean that works like a charm! For clarification, the bedspread is not vintage or antique. It’s white on the right side but beige on the wrong side.

Best yellow spot remover for delicate, vintage and contemporary fabric.

That’s how the bedspread looks on the right side.

vintage fashion blogger
The best detergent for removing yellow spots from delicate fabric. In the picture by Gregory Michael King, Isia-Lilith & I are enjoying the clean bedspread.

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  • Sarah
    April 16, 2023

    I always buy the Eucalyptus scented one, but you made me curious about the Jasmine, so it’s going to my shopping basket.

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      April 16, 2023

      If you love Jasmine, you won’t be disappointed with the Eucalan Jasmine scent. 🙂

  • Laura
    June 2, 2022

    I bought Eucalan as per your recommendation and I love it! You were right about the jasmine scent. My lingerie drawer smells so nice.

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      June 3, 2022

      I’m happy to hear that! I use Eucalan jasmine for lingerie and Eucalan lavender for my towels and sheets. The apartment smells like Provence.