1930s Fashion Illustrations

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This visual feast consisting of over 100 1930s fashion illustrations is a bonus to my popular article on how-to-date vintage clothing. I hope that this post will help with your fashion history research or be an inspiration for your vintage outfit ideas because let’s face it, there is nothing better than the 1930s styles.

Additionally, I created for you ten PDFs with over 600 illustrations depicting the fashion from January 1930 till September 1939. I hope you will appreciate the free gift that took me an entire week to finish. Sign up for my newsletter to receive free 30s fashion illustrations.

The main problem of the chic life is having the right clothes to wear in the temperature one happens to prefer at the time. In June you must have special clothes for London and Ascot. In January, you find yourself setting out for the Lido, with the proper nakedness to catch the sun. You may have to get some shooting togs for October in Scotland, and there are the proper evening clothes for playing roulette in Biarritz in March.

And Madame is attractive. No one, however jealous of her leisurely life, could dare to deny it. Sometimes she gets too fat or too thin. Sometimes she has nerves and develops wrinkles. But all of these things can be kept in shape by massage, facials, doctors, and whatnot. A group of chic women, beautifully dressed, in perfect taste for the occasion, clean and well-groomed, are about as seductive a picture as the heart could wish.

Elizabeth Hawes, Fashion is Spinach, 1938

vintage fashion blogger Dominique de Merteuil
Perfect Weekend in Warsaw. My favourite 1930s coat paired with a 1950s purse. Photography, Gregory Michael King.

Vintage Fashion illustrations

January 1930

1930s fashion illustrations.
Vintage fashion illustrations.

February 1930

Clothing popular in the 1930s
Vintage fashion timeline.

March 1930

Autumn fashion in the 1930s
1930s clothing.

May 1930 Fashion

1930s fashion illustrations
Popular clothing in the 1930s.

June 1930 Fashion

1930s fashion illustrations
1930s summer wardrobe

July 1930 Fashion

1930s fashion illustrations
Vintage fashion illustrations-spring/summer

August 1930

1930s skirts and coats.
Vintage clothing ideas from the 1930s.

September 1930

1930s fashion
1930s evening dresses

October 1930

Vintage fashion blog about 1930s clothes.
1930s autumn wardrobe

November 1930 Fashion

1930s fashion ideas

December 1930 Fashion

vintage fashion blog.
Beautiful 1930s evening dresses.

1931 Fashion Illustrations

January 1931 Fashion

Vintage winter wardrobe depicting 1930s coats and dresses.
Fashion history timeline.

February 1931 Fashion

Fashion history blog.
Vintage fashion blog.

March 1931 Fashion

1930s fashion illustrations

April 1930 Fashion

1930s clothing ideas.
Vintage fashion illustrations.

May 1931 Fashion

Vintage fashion blog.

June 1931 Fashion

Vintage clothing. 1930s fashion illustrations.
It’s Beyond My Control blog.

July 1931 Fashion

1930s fashion illustrations.
Vintage1930s beachwear.

August 1931 Fashion

vintage fashion from the 1930s
1930s autumn wardrobe

September 1931 Fashion

November 1931 Fashion

1930s clothing
1930s coats and dresses.
vintage evening dresses
Fashion illustrations from 1931

December 1931 Fashion

Vintage fashion blog about 1930s garments.
1930s winter fashion.

1932 Fashion illustrations

October 1932 Fashion Illustrations

1930s dresses for autumn and winter

November 1932 Fashion Illustrations

vintage fashion blog

December 1932 Fashion Illustrations

1930s fashion illustrations of evening dresses
December fashions in the 1930s.

1933 Fashion illustrations

January 1933 Fashion

1930s fashion illustrations depicting winter wardrobe
Winter fashion ideas in the 1930s.

February 1933 Fashion

1930s fashion illustrations

March 1933 Fashion

1930s fashion ideas
Vintage outfits in the 1930s.

April 1933 Fashion

vintage fashion illustrations
Travel outfits in the 1930s.

May 1933 Fashion

1930s fashion timeline

June 1933 Fashion

1930s evening gowns
Evening gowns in the 1930s.

July 1933 Fashion

1930s illustrations
Vintage garments popular in the summer of 1933.

August 1933 Fashion

Vintage fashion illustrations
Vintage fashion blogger Dominique de Merteuil.

September 1933 Fashion

1930s fashion ideas

October 1933 Fashion

Vintage fashion history
Winter fashion popular in the 1930s.

November 1933 Fashion

1930s illustrations
1930s evening gowns

December 1933 Fashion

1930s illustrations
Evening gowns in 1933.

1934 Fashion illustrations

January 1934

February 1934

Vintage fashion blog

March 1934

1930s fashion illustrations

April 1934

May 1934

1930s fashion

June 1934

1930s summer dresses

July 1934

vintage fashion from the 1930s

August 1934

1930s summer dresses

September 1934

vintage fashion illustrations
1930s women fashion

October 1934 Fashion

vintage fashion blog
1930s winter wardrobe

November 1934 Fashion

December 1934 Fashion

1935 Fashion illustrations

January 1935

1936 Fashion Illustrations

February 1936 Fashion

1930s dresses

March 1936 Fashion

April 1936 Fashion

1930s spring wardrobe.

May 1936 Fashion

June 1936 Fashion

1930s summer fashion

July 1936 Fashion

August 1936 Fashion

1930s wardrobe ideas.

October 1936 Fashion

November 1936 Fashion

December 1936 Fashion

1937 Fashion Illustrations

January 1937 Fashion

1930s winter fashion ideas.

February 1937 Fashion

March 1937 Fashion

April 1937 Fashion

Spring fashion of 1937

May 1937 Fashion

1930s spring/summer fashion

June 1937 Fashion

1930s su

July 1937 Fashion

1930s fashion women

August 1937 Fashion

1930s fashion illustrations
Vintage outfits popular in the 1930s.

September 1937 Fashion

The best that 1930s fashion had to offer!

Vintage fashion blog

October 1937 Fashion

Beautiful 1930s dream outfits!

Vintage clothing in the 1930s

November 1937 Fashion

Vintage winter clothing in the 1930s

December 1937 Fashion

vintage fashion outfits
1930s fashions

1938 Fashion Illustrations

January 1938 Fashion

February 1938 Fashion

1930s fashion in winter 1938

March 1938 Fashion

Vintage outfits.

May 1938 Fashion

Vintage fashion in the 1930s

June 1938 Fashion

Vintage outfits ideas

July 1938 Fashion

September 1938 Fashion

1930s skirt suits.

December 1938 Fashion

1939 Fashion Illustrations

September 1939 Fashion Illustrations

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