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The Value of Vintage Clothing: Demystifying Modern Cost of Vintage!


The Value of Vintage Clothing: Demystifying the Modern Cost of Vintage!

I’m neither a fashion historian nor a fashion journalist rather I’m a real aficionado of vintage fashion with a proclivity for conducting extensive research on the topic of fashion from 1930s-1950s. So let’s just say I’m fashion journalist adjacent. Though I don’t think that I would ever introduce myself to someone using that description of what I do, what I would offer, without question, would be that I’m a very savvy vintage shopper, always on the hunt for yet another 1930s evening gown, a 1940s skirt suit or 1950s bolero and as I’m on a budget I leave no stone unturned to find vintage gems for a bargain.

Sultry Vintage shop of the week!


Sultry Vintage shop of the week is one of those magical places where you will always find something that will be the perfect addition to your vintage wardrobe. Even if you already have two dozen 1940s day dresses or in my case velvet boleros, Lauren, the lady behind Sultry Vintage, constantly adds irresistible new pieces to her Etsy shop and you ...