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Travel beauty essentials!


Travel beauty essentials! Travelling is a big part of my job as a Fashion Editor/Blogger and as glamorous as that may sound, it really isn't. I spend more time in the departure lounges of boring airports and on the plane getting from point A to point B than in the actual city that I'm visiting for the purpose of having material to ...

Top 6 makeup removers!


Top 6 makeup removers! There are many crimes a woman can commit against her own skin but the one that leaves most damage is not removing makeup before going to sleep. We've all been there and done it I know but dry skin, spots, blackheads, premature ageing and fine lines should be enough to scare any woman, convincing her of the benefits ...

Sisley Cosmetics for Valentine’s Day and Beyond!


One of my absolute favourite beauty and make-up brands Sisley, surprised me with samples of some of their uber-delicious products. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching what better occasion than to spoil ourselves with a little bit of luxury. I’ve been forever preaching on It’s Beyond My Control about always choosing quality clothes over quantity and the same approach applies to beauty ...