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Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty – book review


Being the bookworm that I am and in constant need of educating myself on the topic of vintage hair and makeup, I’m always thrilled with the prospect of a new guide that might help to perfect my preferred 1940s look. This is especially the case with hair! So, when I was approached by PLEXUS publishing with a request to review a new book that they’re publishing by Laura Slater, entitled ‘Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty’, I jumped at the opportunity, quick as a wink.

Filled with useful tips on make-up and hairstyling from the beauty regimes of iconic, glamorous movie stars such as; Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich… To name just a few! ‘Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty’ is a perfect book for those who are just starting their exciting adventure with vintage hair and make-up, as well as for vintage aficionados like myself.