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Femme Fatale -19th Century, Film Noir, Fashion


Femme Fatale in 19th  century art and beyond. “If you loved me ever so little, I could bear the bonds that gall, I could dream the bonds were brittle; You do not love me at al. (…) You are crueller, you that we love, Than hatred, hunger, or death; You have eyes and breasts like a dove, And you kill men’s hearts with a breath.” Satia Te Sanguine by Algernon ...

A Tribute to Marlene Dietrich and the Tuxedo


A Tribute to Marlene Dietrich and the Tuxedo Recently, I was presented with a tuxedo, as a gift from a designer friend Ewa Godun. Its look is quite theatrical and we joked, that it would clearly lead to me taking to the stage in 2017 as a circus lion tamer, a la American Horror Story with a hint of a Marlene Dietrich. ...