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Top 7 lingerie brands. What’s underneath counts!


You know, I can easily spend £450 on a La Perla lingerie set without the slightest hesitation yet be reluctant to spend the exact same amount of money on shoes without having thought it through over and over again. It may seem odd or sound obscene but the explanation for it is quite simple; I honestly believe that what’s underneath counts more. The feeling that wearing beautiful, luxurious lingerie gives me, can be counted in two words – sexy and powerful. Even though I’m the only one who gets to see it (with the exception of the significant other) I know it’s there and that’s all that really matters! I could easily write an entire paragraph on the importance of stockings and garter belts that I wear even underneath my jeans, but I’d rather focus on the top 7 lingerie brands that every woman should get familiar with (if she shares my passion for luxury that is).