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Sisley Cosmetics for Valentine’s Day and Beyond!


One of my absolute favourite beauty and make-up brands Sisley, surprised me with samples of some of their uber-delicious products. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching what better occasion than to spoil ourselves with a little bit of luxury. I’ve been forever preaching on It’s Beyond My Control about always choosing quality clothes over quantity and the same approach applies to beauty and make-up products.

It was my mom who introduced me to Sisley cosmetics, which she has been a big fan of for many years, and considering that her 60 year-old skin looks better than the skin of many 40 year-olds; it stands to reason that I’m a big fan of the brand as well! Certainly it takes more to a beautiful skin than just beauty products, healthy lifestyle, drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins in the form of fruit and vegetables, all contribute but good quality beauty products take a big part in making our skin look young, fresh and luminous as well.

Top 7 make-up and beauty products for the party season and beyond!


After a long consideration, I decided to deviate slightly from writing about fashion and share my thoughts with you all on the subject of beauty products (which I’m admittedly addicted to). I’m very pleased that the renowned beauty blogger, Merium from CakeFace Makeup (feared by many companies for her honest appraisals of their products), agreed to collaborate with me on this particular post. We decided that CakeFace Makeup who has a lot of experience in testing and reviewing make-up products would focus on what she knows best whereas It’s Beyond My Control will be writing about 7 top beauty products (that I can’s stop buying as It’s Beyond My Control).