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All black vintage look. How to wear all black!


An all black vintage look might be just the right idea for those of you who are as fond of the colour black as I am.

It is also the perfect colour for anyone who is new to the world of vintage and at the stage of now contemplating the purchase of their very first vintage piece of clothing.

“You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a ‘little black frock’ is essential to a woman’s wardrobe. “Christian Dior

Even though black is often used as a symbol of death, mourning as well as witches and magic, for me, it represents elegance, power and individuality. Also, as an old-school Goth, I’m rather thrilled that it’s associated with darkness and Victorian mourning attire. That also explains my fascination with XIX century funeral capes which I have in abundance. It’s the prefered attire colour of a Femme Fatale and if you are curious about her history in the 19th Century paintings, Film Noir and 1930s-1040s Fashion, I suggest you read my article on that very topic.

Black clothes in paintings

Carolus-Duran “The Lady with the Glove” 1869, John Singer Sargent “Madame X” 1883-84, Giovanni Boldini “Dutches of Marlborough” 1906.

Regardless of the colour’s meaning, first and foremost remember that it’s flattering to the figure and easily styled. You can find out from my article about the little black dress, how I can turn one simple black dress from a day to an evening ensemble.

1940s fashion - femme fatale (9)

All black vintage look. True 1940s jacket, a 1950s skirt and Wolford tights.

1940s fashion - femme fatale (8)

All black vintage look

All black vintage look.1940s fashion - femme fatale (7)

All black vintage look

1940s fashion - femme fatale (6)

All black vintage look

1940s fashion - femme fatale (5)

Wolford Luna tights

1940s fashion - femme fatale (3)

1940s fashion - femme fatale (2)

Photography by Gregory Michael King 


For my all black vintage look I opted for;

A 1940s jacket

A 1950s Handmacher skirt

A 1950s Garay purse

Luna Wolford tights

An antique cameo


Do you like wearing an all black vintage look as much as I do?


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