Silk dress with Bold print


Those of you whose skin is as pale as alabaster or as marble-like as a vampire from Twilight, will surely appreciate my dislike of the heat that Summer days bring, as well as the damaging consequences to skin of spending time in the sun. Unless you only come out at night, such things as the Summer season, are unfortunately unavoidable and we have to do what we can to make this time of the year a little bit more bearable and what better way than to wear, for their cooling effect, silk dresses, especially in bright colours and with big prints! Let’s face it I’m always in the mood for silk, Summer or Winter and you can read about the luxurious fabric’s brief history (here). If you share my love for bold, silk dresses you will understand my excitement when I discovered that the visual artist Marie-Andrée Wallot has recently launched her brand Wallo. The designer is known for her collaborations with creative, such as painters and dancers, having produced, stage-directed and co-written the art video L’Appat, which was awarded Best Video at the 12e Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois in 1994, as well as an Silver Bears in Linz, Austria, in 1993. So it comes as no surprised that she has made art as a vocal part of her collection.


“Art is my passion.” She states “Contemporary visual arts have always been my main means of expression. The image of the human body in movement inspires me. Emotion is communicated through actions and facial expressions, whether in sculpture, painting or digital art. I sculpt the body with the clothes and I aim to free the movement of colours and shapes to transform the woman’s body in a dynamic, fluid and chic way. My sources of inspiration, namely contemporary arts and the modern woman, infuse a unique style to my creations. I dream of a free, strong and expressive woman, that asserts her femininity, intelligence and determination. And with my team, I am working on making all that possible in an elegant way. ”

Every piece of her unique designs is hand-drawn and painted before being printed on silk fabric. What attracted me to her brand were the very bold, vibrant colours (coming from someone who wears predominantly black!) especially the pinks and fuchsia. 

Silk dress with Bold print by Wallo.

Marie-Andree Wallot owner and chief designer at Wallo.

Wallo brand

Wallo silk fabric

Silk fabric with a bold print by Wallo.

Wallo brand

Beautiful, silk dress with bold print by Wallo.

Wallo brand

Wallo brand

Purple, pink and irresistable fuchsia.

For my recent trip to Italy I’ve opted for a long, silk dress with flower print by MAGGY LONDON, Wittchen shoes and my favourite YSL lipstick.

silk dress

Silk dress with flowers.

silk dress with flowers. Wittchen shoes.


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