Vintage inspired hair flowers and accessories


Vintage inspired hair flowers and accessories from Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers is what every vintage girl should have in abundance. I certainly do!

Janet Ewers, the creative genius behind Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers, is a professional florist with 30 years of experience, which explains why her dazzling hair flowers look so realistic!

Every single piece is handmade in England and you can see in all of Janet’s immaculate designs, that she pays close attention to details.

vintage inspired hair flowers

My absolute favourite double cymbidium orchid pin-up hair flower clip comes in a variety of colours.

Vintage inspired flowers

In the picture, I’m wearing a double purple cymbidium orchid hair clip from Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers. I paired the 1930s kimono from Daggers and Dames with Wolford tights and French Sole Love Heart flats.


Pin Up hair flowers

Beautiful selection of pin-up hair flowers and vintage hair combs from Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers.


Vintage inspired hair flowers are not the only hair accessory you will find in her shop. That’s where I buy all my beautiful vintage hair-nets and snoods, without which my daily ensemble would not be complete.

I’m not a vintage purist and you will often see me mixing clothes from different eras. Using hair accessories, for me is not about being historically accurate when dressing in vintage.

It’s to keep the sometimes insufferable vintage hairstyle last longer and make it look more impressive than it really is.

In the picture from my shoot for, How To Dress Vintage When It’s Cold story, I’m wearing a 1940s skirt suit accessorized with an original 1950s snood made of black rayon tulle.

vintage fashion blog

My favourite 1950s hair snood purchased from Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers.

I wore the same snood for the, How To Wear 1950s Clothing In Autumn story. As you see, vintage hair accessories can be worn with a wide range of looks.

How to wear 1950s clothing in Autumn

Vintage girl

Winter essentials for the vintage girl.
Detail shot of Helen Moore’s faux fur pillbox hat, vintage collar and a 1940s hair net from Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers.

Vintage hair snood

In the picture taken by Gregory Michael King, I’m wearing a 1950s dress, that I paired with a 1940s bag and 1950s snood.


What is Your favourite hair accessory?

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