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Fashion and art make for strange bedfellows and yet they’re inseparable. Art thrives off fashions fondness for change while fashion wraps art in the warming glow of its keen embrace. It’s been that way ever since pop art paraded onto the scene in the 1960s with Andy Warhol, Bridget Riley et al and now that the bonds of matrimony have been made, it’s never likely to change.

Vanessa Gounden is a fashion designer who goes further than simply embracing art, she creates it and then applies it to her fashion. Her latest collection entitled the “Mining Landscape” consists of three separate ranges: Rare Earth, From Discovery to Creation and my personal favourite Chain Reaction, which are all inspired by nature and mining. This is a theme very close to the heart of Vanessa as she’s also one of the most successful women working in the mining industry today, the first woman mining-magnate in South Africa.

Her incredible dresses covered in prints rich in colour are simply mind blowing and this is coming from someone who usually refuses to wear colour. I’ve always believed that there are no other colours I could wear apart from black and occasionally red, and I bet my CHANEL ballerina pumps, that the majority of my darlings wouldn’t consider anything that’s not black either, but trust me when I say; experiment a little bit with a colour and you might discover the new black! The same can be said about prints, don’t be afraid to try something completely different and outside your comfort zone, I know I have and it was worth it.

I’m also drawn to Vanessa G’s. pencil skirts as well as the flattering, lushes A-line dresses and surprisingly I keep going back to the most ornate and bold designs. Every garment looks like a piece of art or jewelry and like diamonds it can be very addictive.  The second you find your perfect dress from the collection as I did, you will discover the incredible long trench coat and it will be hard to stop there.


Vanessa G. From Discovery to Creation.




Chain Reaction

VanessaGChainReactionVanessa_G.ChainReactionVanessa_G_Chain_ReactionVanessaG_ChainReactionRARE EARTH







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