Top 6 makeup removers!


Top 6 makeup removers!

There are many crimes a woman can commit against her own skin but the one that leaves most damage is not removing makeup before going to sleep. We’ve all been there and done it I know but dry skin, spots, blackheads, premature ageing and fine lines should be enough to scare any woman, convincing her of the benefits of a daily routine in removing makeup and cleansing the skin.

As someone who has an insanely capricious and demanding skin, I have to be very careful what I apply on it and I’ve learned over the years that it’s best to stick to what really works, leaving experimentation to the teenagers. For my top 6 makeup removers, I’ve chosen luxurious products, that I’ve been using for a long time and are definitely worth recommending!

Top 6 makeup removers!

No 6) Bioderma Sensibio H20

Bioderma is one of the most popular makeup removers among models doing endless back-to-back fashion shows, which is quite understandable considering that no water is required during the make-up removal process. It’s very gentle on sensitive skin but strong enough to remove water-resistant mascara. It’s fragrance and alcohol-free, which I personally like and it’s wonderfully cheap, for a 
250 ml bottle you will only have to part with £9.95.

Top 6 makeup removers!


No 5) Eve Lom Cleanser

I don’t believe there is even one woman on this planet who hasn’t at least heard of the Eve Lom cleanser. It’s a real favourite among fashionistas, beauty product addicts and certainly not without a reason! It’s a deep cleanser, that removes very stubborn waterproof makeup and leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. Eve Lom cleanser has the consistency of a thick cream which you apply onto your face and neck. The makeup remover comes with a muslin cloth which you wet in warm water and place over your face, leaving it for few seconds (personally I leave it for about a minute), which helps to open and cleanse the pores. Many women including myself experience the occurrence of minor spots after using Evo Lom cleanser for the first week but I can reassure you, that it’s temporary and if you continue using the cleanser on a regular basis it will work wonders on your skin! Designed for all skin types £55.00 for 100ml.

makeup remover

Eve Lom makeup remover


No 4) Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover

I don’t think I could ever write a post about top beauty products and not include the brand Elemis! I’m addicted to their anti-ageing Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, Tranquil Touch Body Cream and their White Flowers Eye And Lip Make-Up Remover which has saved my skin on several occasions! It’s very gentle on the skin and removes waterproof make-up, suitable for contact lens wearers. What I love most about the product is that it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and fresh. All skin types £19 for 125ml.

Elemis makeup remover

Elemis makeup remover



No 3) Crème de la Mer The Cleansing Lotion

Crème de la Mer Cleansing Lotion is definitely on top of my list as far as best makeup removers go. I call it the little miracle worker as it not only removes make-up but also purifies the skin and makes it feel like it should after a good facial! I always use it on dry skin, massage for a couple of minutes to melt the make-up down and finish with a rinse with warm water. £60.00 for 200ml.


top makeup remover



No 2) Sisley Eau Efficace Make-Up Remover

Both my mom and I are devoted fans of Sisley beauty products and we buy almost every new product they put on the market. Eau Efficace Make-Up remover is a very luxurious treat but oh so worth trying! Deeply cleansing, designed for sensitive eyes leaves the face hydrated and plump. £71.00 for 300 ml.


top 6 makeup removers



No 1) Shu Uemura Classic High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil

My absolute favourite make-up remover, which I simply can’t live without. Two pump sprays are sufficient to remove even the most stubborn make-up. I always heat up the oil on my palms for about 10 seconds, apply on completely dry skin and massage the face for about a minute or two, followed with a rinse with warm water. The skin feels incredibly hydrated and almost brand new! There are several types of Shu Uemura cleansing oils available depending on the skin’s needs. The one I’ve been using for several years is the Classic High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil suitable for all skin types. All skin types £29.50 for 150ml.


top 6 makeup remover

Shu Uemura top 6 makeup remover.




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    September 27, 2018

    Thank you so much for this article. Actually, this article is so attractive for us. Makeup remover is most important cosmetics for removing makeup. I think this article is better than another article.

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      Dominique de Merteuil
      September 27, 2018

      Thank you!
      I’m really thrilled to hear that you like my list. Is there anything else you would add to it?

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