Queen Bee look



My Queen Bee look consists of:

A 1950s Handmacher skirt, “Queen Bee” top from 1683 Atelier, a contemporary brand that goes perfectly with all my 1930s-1950s garments, a late 1940s purse, a 1950s style Pillbox hat and the French Sole Hefner slippers with Queen Bee embroidery that I believe even Joan Crawford would approve of!

Queen Bee top

Detail of The Queen Bee top by 1683 Atelier

 Queen Bee look

Queen Bee look.

1950s skirt and French Sole Opera slippers

1950s Handmacher skirt paired with a contemporary Queen Bee top by 1684 Atelier, late 1940s purse and French Sole slippers.

Vintage fashion mixed with contemporary designers

The Queen Bee Look was shot at 6am which is why my eyes are closed in the photograph. Posing and sleeping at the same time. 🙂

“She’ll sting you one day. Oh, ever so gently, so you hardly even feel it. Til you fall dead.” Carol Lee Phillips in Queen Bee (1955)

There are certain films I find myself re-watching constantly and Queen Bee staring my beloved Joan Crawford is one of them. Eva Philips, so wickedly played by Joan, is a Southern socialite known for two things; her extraordinary beauty and ruthlessness towards those who are closest to her. Deceitful and manipulative that she is, she ruins the happiness and lives of everyone around her, driving her husband’s sister to suicide.

I will not spoil the film to those of you who haven’t seen it yet by revealing the entire plot and leave you instead with the film’s tagline and few photographs of the Diabolique beauty and her incredible gowns designed by Jean Louis. “I was blind and drunk with her scent…and the sound of her voice and the way she moved her body.”

Beautiful Joan Crawford as Eva Phillips in Queen Bee (1955). Costumes by Jean Louis.

Joan Crawford in Queen Bee

Joan Crawford as Eva Phillips in Queen Bee (1955). Costumes by Jean Louis.

Joan Crawford as Eva Phillips in Queen Bee

Joan Crawford in Queen Bee

Joan Crawford with Lucy Marlow (top picture), Barry Sullivan, John Ireland and Betsy Palmer.


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