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Pursuing Andie vintage shop of the week


Ladies and Gentlemen! Madame et Monsieur! Meine Damen und Herren! As part of the Vintage Shop Of The Week segment of my blog, I present to you Pursuing Andie! A place where you will find a vast selection of vintage clothes and accessories dating from the 1940s-1970s with an emphasis on hats, that integral part of a real vintage dame's wardrobe ...

A brief history of CC41-The Utility Clothing Scheme


A brief history of CC41 – The Utility Clothing Scheme

I’ve been fascinated by the history of the Utility Clothing Scheme in Britain for years and I have a very strong penchant for buying garments with the CC41 logo, even multiples of the same item. What can I tell you, I can never resist, yet another pair of 1940s knickers or a teddy. It’s simply beyond my control!

Considering my large, and yet, still growing collection of clothes and lingerie bearing the CC41 tag, some might say that I’m a little bit obsessed with it. I, however, prefer the word passionate.

CC41 Utility Clothing Scheme vintage lingerie

Just a sample of my 1940s lingerie collection bearing the CC41 mark.

What to do during self-isolation!


What to do during self-isolation!


If you’re self-employed like me and mainly work from home, you’re probably quite familiar with the need for self-discipline. Following a routine is essential, as it’s far too easy to find distractions. A walk with your beloved pooch or a lengthy perusal of your favourite seller’s page on Etsy. Do these things and just watch those hours slip by, leaving you wondering where the day went and why didn’t you get any of those things done that you promised yourself you would.