Introducing The Vintage Woman Magazine!


The Vintage Woman Magazine, a source of inspiration and practical advice for every vintage purist, has launched their website and I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce to you all, the talented team behind the project, which is already being referred to as “the vintage style bible.”

This wonderful new resource for us all in the vintage community comes to us courtesy of Jade Stavri-Ratcliffe, owner of Scarlet Rage Vintage, who realised that there was a great need for a platform that would help to connect together and inform on all vintage matters, the fast-growing but scattered around the world vintage community.

The concept behind this magazine and website is a forward-thinking, inclusive publication that doesn’t just give you pretty pictures, but informative and thought-provoking articles that are relevant to our community today,” Jade explained. “We live in the modern world and deal with modern issues; we just happen to enjoy the vintage aesthetic as well. Our vintage community is varied and unique and we want our website and magazine to reflect that.

Even though The Vintage Woman Magazine is a very new venture, I can honestly say, that I’m already a big fan and keep checking their beautiful Instagram for any updates and news, pretty well every single day, as I would hate to miss a thing, especially the tutorials!

Like the turban tutorial by the fabulous Sam a.k.a Death by Deco who you HAVE to follow on Instagram for vintage style inspiration!

So with that Ladies and Gentlemen! Without further ado, I present the very talented ladies who are behind “The Vintage Woman Magazine” my new bible of style.

The Vintage Woman Magazine

Founder of The Vintage Woman Magazine

Jade – Founder & Publisher

Owner of a fantastic vintage shop, Scarlet Rage Vintage. Jade is a former fashion editor and stylist with vast experience within publishing and magazines. She has wanted to start a vintage magazine for years and only now found a group of super talented women who share her vision and who are experts in their respective fields. In her spare time you’ll find Jade trying to practice her craft for jiving and playing with her two dogs Mr Frank & Elmo, she also recently got married. 

The Vintage Woman Magazine

Ria – Editor

Ria, known for her incredible vintage style and who I’ve been following on Instagram for a long time, is a digital publisher in medical education. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband, and some of her other passions include Zen meditation, Japan, dogs and generally being a fool! 

The Vintage Woman Magazine

Lizzie – Assistant Editor

Lizzie is a construction project manager, breaking gender boundaries in an industry that is 99% run by men. She is also a published pinup model, who worked with brands such as Vivien of Holloway and What Katie Did. In her spare time, she loves to be cutting a rug on any dance floor that is playing sweet vintage melodies and socialising.

the vintage woman magazine

Christine – Features Editor

You may know this incredible lady through her blog, She is a professional massage therapist and holistic aesthetician, owner of an award-winning holistic day spa. This American glamour gal, living in Germany, loves to travel (especially to Paris), scour the flea markets for vintage finds and spend time at home with her adoring husband and 2 dogs, Fiona a pug and Harriet an Italian Mastiff. Christine enjoys the authentic vintage silhouettes from the 1930s to the 1950s and loves to draw inspiration from those eras for her own unique style. 

The Vintage Woman Magazine

Brandi – Travel and Culture Editor

Brandi has spent 15 years touring art around the world as part of her job as a Collections and Exhibitions Manager; one of those exhibitions being the master of Halloween himself Mr Tim Burton. While work takes her to far away places, her love for vintage draws her to discover the best those cities have to offer for shopping, dining, and culture. Now she finally gets to bring that information to us! When she isn’t on the go you can find her in London, giving all her attention to her cat Theon who will make any dog person start to love cats…true story. 

the vintage woman magazine

Vanessa – Beauty Editor

Vanessa is based in Frankfurt, Germany; she’s a model, professional make up artist and free spirit. Fun fact, before Vanessa trained to be a make up artist she worked in book publishing. You may have seen this breathtaking beauty in campaigns for brands such as Lena Hoschek and she’s a regular model for Top Vintage Boutique, as well as being internationally published. When Vanessa isn’t beating mugs or serving you face, she’s found at home perfecting vegan recipes with her husband and reading books about pre-Raphaelite art and history.

the vintage woman magazine

Eva – Social Editor

Eva is currently studying for a BA Hons in Costume for Theatre and Screen, where she hopes to one day be a wardrobe mistress. But this doesn’t stop our social butterfly from making an appearance at all the right places and saying hello to all the right people. You also may have seen this vintage socialite modelling for such vintage brands as Splendette and What Katie Did. When Eva isn’t dancing the night away, you can find her trying to find the perfect cocktail with her gal pals.

the vintage woman magazine

The Vintage Woman Magazine

Lori – Fashion Editor

The queer and fabulous Lori, this woman needs no introduction, as she is a vintage fashion ICON and mental health warrior! During the day Lori is a high-flying TV producer and has been involved in many well-known TV shows. Recently Lori moved from the big smoke to the seaside town of Hastings with her two faithful hounds Buddy & Misty. In her spare time Lori loves to go to drag shows, especially if it involves her icon Drag Race Season 10 winner Sasha Velour.

the vintage woman magazine

Wendi – Home and Lifestyle Editor

Wendi is based in America. She is a boardroom boss as she is a highly successful asset manager. Wendi has a deep love for unique, sometimes kitsch, decor and homes. When she isn’t hunting for one of a kind pieces to curate her home or teaching herself to repair broken or damaged items you can find her travelling to dance, hiking in the mountains, working on her tiki cocktails and baking in her pink and aqua kitchen.

the vintage woman magazine

Zoe – Advertising Coordinator

Zoe is a born and bred Londoner with a 6-year-old adopted Jackhuahua, she’s also a strong advocate for “Vintage Style Not Vintage Values” and loves connecting with women from all backgrounds who use vintage style to become extraordinary women, inspiring a new generation of girls who will see themselves represented. Zoe is a very social person and genuinely enjoys meeting new people. Her secular jobs both involve working to make people happy. Which is amazing don’t you think?


vintage magazine


An American living in London with a passion for art, dance, and travel. She is a graphic designer by trade but her love of art isn’t all digital… She was introduced to the vintage world of glitter, glitz and glamour after becoming a performer and co-producer of her own cabaret and burlesque shows in London. This led her to begin creating costumes and accessories for herself, which eventually branched out to friends, and is now a full-blown showgirl accessory business.
When she’s not covered in rhinestones, glue, and feathers, she spends her time creating websites, social media content, and promotional materials.
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    February 28, 2019

    The magazine looks great!

    That’s exactly what was missing in the vintage community.

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