French Sole AW19-Why you will want to kick off your heels!


Bragging Post! Sorry Not Sorry.♥♥♥

I’m VERY proud of my incredible husband for creating this extraordinary AW19 campaign for FS!

French Sole AW19 collection is the perfect reason to kick off your high -heels and swap for flats! Not an easy statement for me to make as there was a time when I would only wear 5″ heels. Times have changed, however, and I can’t imagine my shoe-closet without flats.

I’ve been a fan of the brand for years and often pair their Hefner slippers and ballet flats with my 1930s dresses and 1940s skirt suits. They are also my go-to shoes for long walks with the dog, and I always take them with me when I travel abroad. Style and comfort are the key factors when I choose my footwear, and thankfully French Sole cater for both!

To say that I have a weakness for velvet shoes embellished with embroidery would be an understatement. I love them, as much as a person can love an object. I’ve never really considered myself a shoe-girl and definitely not one who would wear flats. It all changed when I put on my very first pair of Hefner slippers with the Queen Bee embroidery. It was a love at the very first shoe-sight. Every season I say that French Sole will not be able to come up with a better design than what they have in the current one, and so far, every new season they proved me wrong! 

It’s all thanks to the creative genius of Veroni Deco, designer and stylist extraordinaire whose imagination has no limits. With my brilliant husband, Gregory Michael King, behind the lens, the French Sole AW19 collection is here, and of course, there is a pair of beautiful slippers my feet are yearning for! Can you guess which ones? 


French Sole AW campaign Gregory Michael King

Extraordinary photography by Gregory Michael King!


French Sole AW19 campaign

Opera slippers in duck egg blue brocade with Queen Bee embroidery.

French Sole AW19 campaign

Opera slippers in polka dot sating with goldfish embroidery.


French Sole campaign shot by Gregory Michael King

Hefner red velvet slippers with pigeon love letter embroidery from French Sole AW19 collection.

French Sole AW19 collection Gregory Michael King

Hefner pink velvet slippers with bunny embroidery.

French Sole AW19 campaign

Hefner grey brocade velvet slippers with beehive embroidery.


Amelie black velvet flats.

Amelie black velvet flats from the AW19 collection.

French Sole image campaign Gregory Michael King

Amelie gold glitter flats.

Photography by Gregory Michael King

Amelie cheetah flats.


French Sole slippers

Opera slipper in black velvet with red heart emoji embroidery.

French Sole AW19

Opera slipper in mint velvet with bear-face embroidery.

French Sole AW19 shot by Gregory Michael King

Opera slippers with tea and macaroon embroidery.


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  • Avatar
    October 21, 2019

    The pictures are very beautiful!
    The model looks perfect and I love the styling.

    E x

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      Dominique de Merteuil
      October 21, 2019

      Thank you, Elle!

      I’m extremely proud of my husband and the entire team. Veroni Deco is one of the best Art Directors in the industry and her styling is truly inspirational.


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