Evette Dubois lingerie


Evette Dubois lingerie is the perfect choice, if you have an appreciation for beautiful, handmade undergarments, based on true vintage lingerie from the 1920s-1950s, which will make you feel like a movie star from one of the Old Hollywood films. Melissa, the uber talented dressmaker with an immaculate attention to details is the creative genius behind the fictional character of Evette Dubois.

“The inspiration behind my lingerie boutique and the life of Evette Dubois started some time ago when I was I child. As early as I can remember I have loved fashion and being creative in general. My admiration of fashion came from my wonderful grandmother Patricia. She studied in the field of dressmaking just like the two generations that came before her. My grandmother was fortunate enough to work at high-end boutiques during the 1950s on the prestigious Collins Street in Melbourne, Australia. She transported me into her glamorous world of fashion. Growing up she educated me about the fabrics, the cuts and the appreciation of the fine craft of dressmaking and design. Inspired by the nostalgic stylish world my grandmother painted in my mind, I too followed in footsteps of generations of women before me and studied in this field of fashion also.”

I’ve recently purchased a breath-taking silk eye mask from Evette Dubois lingerie  (scroll down to see the details) and I’m already in the middle of creating a list of vintage-inspired slips and tap pants, that I will commission Melissa to make for me. It’s simply Beyond My Control. Be warned however, once you acquire something from her boutique, see the beautiful box and the delicate wrapping of your gem, you will be instantly addicted to wanting more! It’s like a box of Macaroons, once tasted, you will be longing for more.

vintage inspired lingerie

Beautiful jumpsuit in blue silk and pink binding and a dreamy, Art Deco inspired, purple pyjama top. Both can be purchased from Evette Dubois Etsy shop!

Evette Dubois lingerie

vintage inspired garter

Gorgeous vintage style garters for wedding and beyond!

Evette Dubois lingerie

The inspiration.

Evette Dubois lingerie

The Daisy-Mae vintage style shoe clips perfect for boudoir slippers!

Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow in a breathtaking sequinned robe designed by Adrian.

Evette Dubois lingerie

Evette Dubois lingerie – The Mood-board.

1920s style robe

My absolutely favourite 1920s style silk robe trimmed with ostrich feathers by Evette Dubois!

Evette Dubois lingerie

Stunning silk pillow by Evette Dubois perfect for a Old Hollywood Glamour boudoir!

Evette Dubois lingerie

Evette Dubois lingerie – The sketch.

Evette Dubois lingerie

Beautiful silk in pastel colours is what Evette Dubois lingerie is made of.

Evette Dubois lingerie

Evette Dubois lingerie

I have been avidly collecting and selling vintage for over 10 years. During this time I have an array of vintage women’s lingerie beginning with 1910 to 1950. Every piece of lingerie tells a story and the fine detail that has gone into the construction of these garments of the past is truly breath taking art form. The fine silk fabrics, the vast variety of trims, lace and embroidery that adorns each piece. I absolutely treasure this collection as each piece tells us a unique story that connects us both socially and historically to a past period of time.”Melissa the owner and designer of Evette Dubois lingerie.

vintage style lingerie

Glamorous vintage style lingerie by Evette Dubois. It’s the most perfect 1940s style Teddy in a beautiful shade of pink!

Evette Dubois

Silk tap pants, that are on my shopping wish-list! You can purchase that little gem from Evette Dubois Etsy shop.

Evette Dubois lingerie

Evette Dubois lingerie – Dressing table with plenty of inspiration!

The breathtaking silk eye-mask I’ve recently bought from Evette Dubois came beautifully wrapped in a pink box and a personalised thank you note!

Evette Dubois lingerie

My gorgeous silk eye-mask, that brings me beautiful dreams!

Vintage inspired lingerie

In the picture Isia-Lilith and I wearing my beautiful Evette Dubois silk eye-mask. Photography: Gregory Michael King

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  • Avatar
    Madame Chiffon
    June 25, 2017

    Enjoyed this article very much– I have always loved Evette’s work. But please, I am dying to know when prints will be made available to purchase of you and Isia-Lilith in matching eye masks…?!!?

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      Dominique de Merteuil
      June 26, 2017

      I’m planning to get a big print of that picture for our bedroom but it didn’t even cross my mind to start selling print! I will pass that idea to Gregory Michael King 🙂


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