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Sisley Cosmetics for Valentine’s Day and Beyond!


One of my absolute favourite beauty and make-up brands Sisley, surprised me with samples of some of their uber-delicious products. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching what better occasion than to spoil ourselves with a little bit of luxury. I’ve been forever preaching on It’s Beyond My Control about always choosing quality clothes over quantity and the same approach applies to beauty and make-up products.

It was my mom who introduced me to Sisley cosmetics, which she has been a big fan of for many years, and considering that her 60 year-old skin looks better than the skin of many 40 year-olds; it stands to reason that I’m a big fan of the brand as well! Certainly it takes more to a beautiful skin than just beauty products, healthy lifestyle, drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins in the form of fruit and vegetables, all contribute but good quality beauty products take a big part in making our skin look young, fresh and luminous as well.