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Helena Modjeska-Icon of Style. Reconstructions of XIX century costumes


Once a year, on the day of my birth, I like to indulge my senses, in a way, an act of regenerating, of reminding myself of who and what I am. On one of these occasions, I was taken to Versailles by Mr de Merteuil, waking on the morning in a hotel that used to be the royal stables and spending the afternoon eating macaroons in le Petit Trianon, while watching wildlife drift by in the lazily setting sun. This year it was spent at Wilanów Palace, the former residence of Polish Kings located on the outskirts of Warsaw, which I relished visiting for the opportunity to willfully gratify my taste for art, beauty and most importantly cake.

I take cake very seriously, it’s an art form in its own right but it wasn’t the only reason for visiting the palace, as I wanted to see and exhibition that’s just opened there as it’s one that panders to another of my passions, 19th century costume design.