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There’s a well-used adage which goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” and as I’ve recently discovered, in the case of the television series Reign, the dictum can equally be applied in saying that you shouldn’t judge this programme by its preview, as after watching its 30 second promo, I was despairingly sobbing in my corset at yet another failed American misunderstanding of English heritage in translating the Elizabethan era Royal courts into a contemporary OC (Orange County) country club. However, preview aside and largely thanks to Megan Follows, who I’ve adored since my early childhood after watching her brilliant performance as Anne in Anne of Green Gables, I have to admit that I’m now hooked, unable to take my eyes of the screen as I watch her in the role of Queen Catherine de’ Medici, portraying an intelligent but manipulative, conniving woman who will do anything to make sure that her son’s future as the next king of France is secured, treating everyone like pawns in a game of chess where everyone is disposable.

Through Peacock’s Eyes


Fashion columnists and critics thrive off a good hen-fight but nothing seems to ruffle their feathers more than to see their patch of the garden being strutted by a fashionable young peacock. Such was the case when the legendary Suzy Menkes, Fashion Critic for the International Herald Tribune decided to pen her article “The Circus of Fashion” in which she focused her pecking upon the world of fashion blogging, suggesting that for the most part we weren’t critics but simply self-publicists. It’s definitely an article well worth reading, if you haven’t already done so and Suzy’s point is a significant one but is it right? Are the majority of fashion bloggers simply self-publicists?

How to look glamorous in the countryside!


Living in London can be so incredibly exhausting, that an escape from the city every now and again seems to be the only way for me not to go completely insane. So when my dear friends; the supermodel and animal welfare advocate Juliet Johns Pearson and her dashing husband Charlie, invited me for the weekend to their mansion in the beautiful English countryside, I literally jumped for joy. I’ve been dreaming about the country living experience ever since I watched Gosford Park (I thought I would make a perfect Sylvia McCordle) and have been planning in my head a whole new wardrobe for just such an invitation. I couldn’t imagine better designers than Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren Collection) or Burberry to go with the country look and was dying to see if haute couture dresses and high heels could actually be made a part of country living, just like in those beautiful ad campaigns I’m sure you’ve all seen. How to look glamorous in the countryside!

Royal Lazienki Park-From Warsaw with Love.


Royal Lazienki Park!

I arrived in Warsaw a few days ago to check on the fashion scene, visit a few showrooms of Polish designers and hopefully discover the undiscovered. Its incredibly cold here which is exactly what any traveler would expect in January from this part of the world but the beautiful, velvety snow makes up for it and I couldn’t have it any other way.