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Wish List Extravaganza


At the end of every year I prepare a wish list extravaganza consisting mainly of couture clothes, extraordinary shoes, incredible furniture or first editions of my favourite books. A very good friend of mine who is a notorious optimist advised me once, that if there is something I want or dream about, now matter how ridiculous it might be, I should start a scrap book with pictures or sketches of all that I desire. So far I have an incredible apartment in Chelsea and Richmond Park, a first edition of “The Pictures of Dorian Gray” as well as first editions of every single book ever written by Ayn Rand, all the costumes from Dangerous Liaisons, Louis XVI armchairs with matching writing desk, at least four paintings by Tamara de Lempicka with her “Green Turban” as the focal point of the room and many more. I have it all, at least I do… in my scrap book. This year, I’m trying to be a little bit more restrained at least with fewer items from my wish list extravaganza, but only with a few, as it’s beyond my control.