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Top 10 Shiseido products


There is only one woman I know of, who is a bigger shopo-holic when it comes to beauty products then me, that woman happens to be my mom! She is a very hard to please customer who doesn’t get excited about just any newly discovered product, no matter how beautifully packed, well presented and advertised it is. Once every blue moon however when she finds something really, really good, the shopping-spree begins. Naturally the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and so it should come as no surprise at all that when one hard to please shop-o-holic told another even harder to please and impress shop-o-holic, about the almost magical powers of so many Shiseido products, the budget for beauty products was cancelled ( who needs to eat!) and the shopping spree began. I bought more than I should have but It’s Beyond My Control. Here are my Top 10 Shiseido products.