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Acne Studios

If a land of eternal autumn existed, a place dominated by leaves of gold and red, where the temperature was perfect for wearing a Burberry coat every day, accessorised with Christian Louboutin pumps, then I would move there immediately. However, Narnia is but a book while winter; a reality and such a difficult time of year for anyone wanting to look chic, unless you never have to spend more than the briefest of moments out in the cold air, you’ll struggle, finding yourself choosing clothes for their warmth rather than strictly for their appearance.

I’ve been fighting against winter’s cruel temperatures for the last two years, ever since relocating to Poland and I’m ashamed to admit but I’ve been defeated…And you will find me strolling in the park with the dog, prancing in her beautiful Mungo & Maud coat, while I’m hiding my face under a big hat so as to deflect anyone from looking at the hideous but oh  so warm Calvin Klein coat and the Ugg boots aka ugly-boots, that I’m wearing far too often!

I almost resigned myself to the fact, that all hope was lost as far as looking chic in winter goes until I entered the world of Stockholm based fashion house Acne Studios. I’ve known and cherished the brand for years but that was mainly because of their very unusual, eye-catching shoes, which I find both strange and beautiful.

Acne Studios shoes

Acne Studios shoes

Acne Studios shoes

It’s not the shoes however that I would like to focus your attention on but rather the luxurious, exquisitely tailored clothes, in particularly their knitwear and coats.  For my let’s call it “Today I’m wearing” type of post, I opted for;

Casual Chic with Acne Studios

Acne Studios Raya black, very long cardigan with tight ribbed sleeves €340

Hugo Boss dress £370

Acne Studios shoes which I purchased a few years ago for around £300

Wolford tights £33

Acne Studios


Acne Studios



Acne Studios Raya black cardigan


Acne Studios Raya black cardigan


Acne Studios Raya black cardigan

Chanel Sweet Star nailpolish

Chanel Sweet Star nail polish and YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick

I was aiming for a very comfortable, casual chic look, that would be suitable for both winter and autumn, although I would like to point out that the shoes I’m wearing in the pictures are not recommended for snowy conditions, unless you are being driven from your warm flat to equally warm restaurant and back, otherwise I would swap the Acne shoes for long horse riding type boots.

Below is a selection of my favourite coats and knitwear from Acne Studios.


Acne Studios Dace knitwear

Daze knitwear


Acne Studios Ember coat

Ember coat


Acne Studios Era coat

Era coat







Acne Studios Modest Black Coat

Modest Black coat




8 Responses
  • Amy
    January 5, 2016

    Hi! May I ask what size are you wearing in Acne Raya? Just wondering what size to order. Thanks:).

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      Dominique de Merteuil
      January 5, 2016

      The Acne Raya I bought is size S. I’m 5’10” and a UK size 8, USA size 4. The cardigan sweater is very long and of a loose fit except the sleeves. Hope that helps.

  • mia
    March 30, 2015

    Wolford tights are my absolute favourite. they’re so luxurious and on trend. there isnt a store anywhere near me so i get mine from (:

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      Dominique de Merteuil
      April 14, 2015

      I totally agree with you Mia! Love, love Wolford tights because of their quality and design!

  • Luxury Serviced Apartments Lady
    January 20, 2015

    Fantastic photos, you and your dog are adorable, and you oddly complement each other!

  • Nymphashion
    January 14, 2015

    I feel for you! Before moving to California I used to spend winters wearing UGGs and ugly puffy jackets stuffed with down. I’ve never bought anything from Acne but I know the brand from their shoe line, which is extremely popular in the US. Also check out Helmut Lang, they have a similar aesthetic that you might appreciate.

    – Arianna

    • Dominique de Merteuil
      Dominique de Merteuil
      January 15, 2015

      Hi Adrianna! I know Helmut Lang brand very well, but I seriously doubt that their beautiful leather coats would be warmer than my hideous puffy jacket:) The only alternative would be a fur coat but it’s not an option for me. Few weeks of winter left and I will be able to move on and start complaining about the heat! 🙂


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