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“I don’t make comparisons. I never think of myself in relation to anyone else. I just refuse to measure myself as part of anything. I’m an utter egotist.” Ayn Rand

My name is Dominique de Merteuil, I’m the founder of It’s Beyond My Control vintage fashion blog with a modern twist. I love, wear and write about vintage and luxury fashion inspired by the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

Model: Dominique de Merteuil, Photography: Gregory Michael King

9 Things About Dominique de Merteuil

1.) The one thing that can definitely be said about me is that I’m a real aficionada of vintage couture, especially from films, which I buy from auction houses (when the budget permits * sigh *)

2.) My interest in fashion and art was initiated by my fabulous mum. A real style icon, she used to take me to see ballet and opera from when I was 5 years old.

3.) I’ve lived in 4 different countries and I’m fluent in 3 languages. When asked where I’m from, I always reply, “From everywhere darling!” and even though I reside in London*, which has grown on me over the years, my heart belongs to NYC because it’s the only place where I can wear couture to breakfast without being pointed at.

*In 2014 I relocated to Warsaw, a city which I’m utterly in love with and if you are curious to the reasons why, well read about it here.

4.) I studied classical ballet for a few years but my teacher had me marked as trouble from the day she caught me warming up to Megadeth.

5.) I love everything related to Eighteenth Century France (that’s how my love for couture started). Also, I adore 1940s Hollywood.

6.) The works of Woody Allen (especially his writing) and David Lynch have had an incredible impact on me and it would be an absolute dream come true if I had a chance to interview them both!

7.) I love dogs especially two breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and American Pit Bull Terrier. I wish that people were much more educated about Pit Bull Terriers, after all there are no bad dogs, it’s just that sometimes good dogs happen to bad people!

8.) Horse riding is my biggest indulgence in life and if I could I would be at the stables every single day. Every time I ride I learn something new and it’s so incredibly rewarding.

9.) Number 9 is magical and it’s my birth number.

Le mannequin

I have been working as a fashion model (le mannequin) for longer than I would like to admit and even though I’m semi-retired, well here is my vanity page.

Photography: Gregory Michael King

Photography: Gregory Michael King

Maid in England editorial

Maid in England shot by Gregory Michael King

Maid in England shot by Gregory Michael King


Maid in England shot by Gregory Michael King


SWAROVSKI shot by Gregory Michael King

SWAROVSKI shot by Gregory Michael King

On the left: Corsets: A Modern Guide: A Modern Girl's GuideOn the right: Lingerie: A Modern Guide: A Modern Girl's Guide

On the left: Corsets: A Modern Guide: A Modern Girl’s GuideOn the right: Lingerie: A Modern Guide: A Modern Girl’s Guide

Intima Magazine

Intima Magazine

Hair Magazine

Louis Mariette

Vintage Hair shot by Gregory Michael King

On the left: "How to be XVIII century" BBC

On the left: un-retouched( Aghh) shot from my comp card

"Moving pictures"

Mommie Dearest

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